Thursday, June 18, 2015

Twenty One Months

Our sweet big boy will be twenty-one months tomorrow! Since I've been doing his updates, every three months, it's that time again. It is so hard to believe he will be two in just three short months!

Finn, we are so proud of the sweet big brother you have become over the past three months. In so many ways you are still our baby boy, but this added responsibility of being a big brother has made you grow up in so many ways. Over the past three months, you have started holding our hands so that we don't have to carry you everywhere (although mommy will in a heartbeat!) You have learned to be so patient when getting in and out of the car as you seem to understand that mommy has to get Ryder in and out first (because you'll run off if I get you out first). You are learning what it means to be "sweet and gentle" because you hear us say it about 100 times a day. You call your baby brother "Ry Ry" and will whisper it and point to his door when he's napping. You take baths together, although, most of the time is spent making sure you don't sit on him or pull him out of his seat. You try to share your toys with him, but don't seem to understand why he doesn't want to play with them. I just know that you boys will be the best of friends and it makes my heart so happy to know you have a built in buddy for life.

Last I checked when I weighed you at home you were around 26lbs. You are still in size four diapers and 18-24 mos. clothing. You've started to wear some 2T, but it's still a bit on the bigger side.

You LOVE being outside and would live out there if we let you. Daddy takes you to play in the yard almost everyday before dinner and you come back in wet, muddy and sweaty.You love "doing yard work" with daddy

Now that I am fully recovered from my c-section, we go on walks to the playground and try to get out of the house somewhere everyday. Even if it's just to Target.

We've been to the pool a few times, but you seem a bit more interested in watering the flowers, picking up trash and sweeping.

You like playing hide and seek, but still need some practice.

This pic is blurry but still conveys your excitement for your favorite toy. Your dirt devil jr. that we got from the thrift store for $2.95. Your favorite things right now are definitely cleaning in any form- vacuuming, sweeping, dusting. You love helping us do laundry by switching the clothes and taking them out. You are such a great sleeper and we've recently given you a pillow to use. Your head is rarely on it, but it seems to occupy you when you wake up and try to put your toys inside the case.

We've been going to a lot of playtimes, storytimes and music classes.

You have the sweetest little heart and one of our favorite things you do right now is lean your head forward for a kiss on the head. You do this all. the. time. And I LOVE it. You'll do it during meals, you'll stop whatever you're doing and do it in the house. You'll do it in appreciation for something if we give you a special treat. I'm pretty sure it's your way of giving kisses right now, because you also do it to Ryder when I say "love baby Ryder".

Your favorite foods right now are pasta (a boy after his mama's heart!), sweet potato, avocado, broccoli, all fruit, chips and salsa, Trader Joe's fish sticks, chick fil a nuggets, edamame, raisins, blueberry waffles and cereal.

You love animals- all kinds, but especially puppies and chipmunks. You still love airplanes and will still put your hands up in the air when you hear one. You still love dancing and will start the minute you hear any kind of music- at home, in the car, in the grocery store. Your newest move involves stomping your foot. You also started trying to jump and it might be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

You love spinning in circles and we have to spot you, because you'll keep doing it until you fall down.

You've figured out how to unbuckle the top part of your car seat which has led me to purchase a cover for the buckle so your happy hands can't let yourself out. You've always loved books, but now are letting us know your favorites- anything with a truck or a tractor. You love playing with balls of all kind- tennis, soccer, golf, beach balls. You love playing golf and soccer with your daddy and he loves it just as much. We are so proud to be your mommy and daddy and consider each day a blessing that we know we don't deserve. We love you higher than airplanes fly, baby boy!

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