Monday, January 21, 2008

"The one with all the blogs"

So it has come to my attention that "Blogs" are the cool thing to do. I decided that Dustin and I needed to have one. This way, we can inform everyone what it is like spending our first year of marriage in Missouri... better late than never. I think better in lists, so here it goes:

1. We live in a cabana... you think that sounds exotic and tropical, however, it is really just a glorified dorm room with bamboo accents. It looks like something the professor could have built on Gilligan's Island.

2. We don't have television... this could be a great way to start off marriage. We get to have uninterrupted quality time... it's nice and quiet... but we also feel disconnected with the outside world. For example... last week some killer tornadoes tore through Branson, and we barely survived. Not really... but we didn't know that, because we couldn't just turn on the t.v. to the weather channel and see that we were out of danger. No.... I woke up to the tornado sirens and told Dustin we needed to sleep on the bathroom floor. He was not wild about that idea at all. So we grabbed the comforter and pillows off our bed and curled up on the cold tile floor for an hour... but we lived to tell about it.

3. We don't have a Chick-Fil-A... I feel severely deprived of my number five eight pack with a sweet tea. Enough said.

4. I work at Victoria's Secret. I may have a Bachelor's degree from Clemson University, but the way I see it... if I can sell high-end lingerie to the elderly then I will be fully prepared for anything in the workforce.

5. It is freezing outside.