Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Big news for our little family!

Last week, Dustin officially accepted a position on staff at our church, Buckhead Church, on their Community Groups team. The ministry of KLife and everyone involved will always hold a special place in our hearts, but we are excited for the new things God has in store for our family. Below is the letter Dustin sent out to everyone in the KLife community.

Dear KLIFE Families,

For eight years, KLIFE has been an extension of my life and I have told many that I could see myself doing this for eight more. I have said on a number of occasions from on stage, through emails or just a casual conversation at a Friday night football game that I have a deep belief in what God is doing through KLIFE and it is a privilege to be along for the ride. Just as God called me to KLIFE, He is now calling me to another ministry.

A few months ago, Buckhead Church contacted me regarding an open staff position on their Community Groups Team. Stephanie and I prayed about this potential conversation, and it was clear that the Lord wanted us to listen. This conversation led to another and then several more. Each step along the way came with new confirmation of the Lord’s leading in this direction.

I love my job with KLIFE. I love working with Addie and D who are like a sister and brother to me and two of the most dynamic people and leaders I have ever been around; I love the team of volunteer leaders I get to serve alongside, the KLIFE families, our Board who has been so incredibly supportive and open-handed along the way, my small group guys and the incredible students I am lucky to be around every week…the zeal they have for life is so contagious.

The community of people whom I have been blessed to serve alongside has become like family. Stephanie and I cannot adequately express our gratitude for the opportunities given to us to participate and lead in this ministry. I am a better man, husband and father because of this community.

The future of Atlanta KLIFE is bright, and I believe the best is yet to come. This community is blessed to have Addie and D involved in the lives of Atlanta students, pointing them to Jesus and being another voice of God’s truth. I look forward to coming alongside this ministry in new ways and am especially thrilled for the day that my sons walk into their first Super K in just a few years.

I ask for your prayers during the next couple of months as I serve KLIFE faithfully through the school year, as well as our mission trip to Haiti, and transition to a new season of life with Buckhead Church. I am excited for God’s continued plan for my family as well as His plan for Atlanta KLIFE!

Sent with love by the Oprea family,

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


We were in town for Easter this year for the first time in a long time and we had such a fun little family weekend! On Friday, my parents and grandparents came to town for a few hours to celebrate Easter. It was absolutely gorgeous outside, so after naps we headed to a park near our house with a picnic dinner for the boys and ice cream.

 This one wants to run with his brother so badly, but this is the preferred mode of transportation.

 Someone rode home in just a diaper.

On Saturday morning, it was cold and misting rain outside. Obviously, the perfect weather for
an Easter egg hunt. This boy didn't care. This is his "mommy, take my picture! teeeese!" face.
 Once he finally understood the grass was full of "ehhs" (eggs) and not "bawls" (balls), this kid was excited.

 The downside of not being able to walk yet.
 And then sweet big brother shared some of his stash.

 Finn got to see his friend "yi-yan" (Ryan).

 When Ryder finally got out of the stroller.
 So much joy.

 We went to our church's Saturday night service instead of Sunday morning. About 30 seconds before we were walking out the door, I realized that meant we weren't going to get a "cute, spring-y family Easter picture" on Sunday morning. It still wasn't warm and sunny outside, so this is what we ended up with and I could not be more pleasantly surprised at the result. Self-timer, first try. Winner.
 We went to Bartaco after the service, because it was loud and so are we.
Our boys' Easter baskets this year. The theme was "bath toys" because I had to toss all of ours recently due to mold (gross). I love the Green Toys brand because they are a quality recycled plastic that can go in the dishwasher. My sister in law got Ryder the submarine for Christmas and Finn got the ferryboat for Easter. The foam letters are cheap enough that I don't mind replacing those once or twice a year. Since Finn still doesn't really know what candy is, he got Trader Joe's Easter gummies and could not have been more excited about them. Each boy also got a book- Ryder got Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site and Finn got Demolition. Both are fantastic if you have little boys or a little girl that likes tractors :)

 Since we went to church on Saturday night, we ventured out to a new playground on Sunday morning. If you're in the Atlanta area, you need to check out Morgan Falls Overlook Park. It was so much fun- wide open spaces, clean safe equipment, a huge pavilion with picnic tables and a great view of the river. Dustin and I laughed when we had these thoughts, because we have reached the point in our life where we'll drive 20 minutes to find a "quality playground".

 And just some after nap puddle jumping for good measure.

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