Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

Its not often these days that I pull out my real camera, but when I do I always wish I did it more often. We didn't do anything extraordinary this weekend, but we spent it as a family and that makes my heart happy. Yesterday, we went to a strawberry festival about an hour from home. Since we skipped naps in the afternoon, we knew we had to keep the boys out and occupied even after we got home, so we went and got ice cream and let them play some more outside. Needless to say, we had some wiped out little boys and both were in bed by 6:45 last night. This morning, we went to church, brunch and the playground. It's been the perfect little family weekend. Here is what it looked like in pictures:

There was a petting zoo (aka some goats that were terrified of toddler hands)

 Finn always has a ball in his hands and asks to take one pretty much everywhere we go.

 Also, Finn's been doing some potty training. This one's a keeper.
 The face when you skip naps to get ice cream.

 The reason my camera lens is usually dirty.

 Ryder wore Daddy's 30 year old outfit to church today.

My most favorite thing might be the fact that Finn doesn't really get "Mother's Day", but rather he calls it "mommy's day" and he thinks it's just for me without knowing it's for all moms. He's been telling everyone he sees that "it's mommy's day!" and points to me.

The result of trying to get the perfect family photo at breakfast. It's perfect.

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