Thursday, November 9, 2017

World Adoption Day

The fact that Finn is adopted is not something we think about everyday. If I'm being honest, I forget about it most of the time. It's not something we even mention to anyone unless they bring up adoption or it's medically necessary. Let's face it- he looks more like me than Ryder does and has the same sparkling blue eyes as his daddy and Ryder so there's really never even been a question of it. I may not have carried him for 9+ months like his brothers, but the truth is my "pregnancy" with Finn was the hardest one yet. It took over two years and involved losing 4 of his older siblings for him to be ours and those are things that I won't ever forget. Adoption comes in many forms. We didn't travel to some far away country and rescue him from an orphanage. He wasn't in the foster care system in our own country. Both of which are incredible and necessary ways to adopt and come with their own challenges. We've been with him from birth and we're all he's ever known.

I wrote a post similar to this almost two years ago to the date. I have now been blessed to have two biological babies and all of my thoughts are just as true today. Adoption is merely the means in which Finn joined our family, but it does not define his role in our family. He is our first born. He is not our adopted son. He is our son. Not to take away from how God placed him in our family, we love sharing his story. We plan to tell him as he gets older, so he knows it's always a part of him. If you ask him, he'll tell you that "God placed Ryder and Jude in mommy's belly, but He put me in mommy's heart". We got Finn this book for Christmas last year and it is just the sweetest story that sums up adoption in a very preschool friendly way. I still can barely get through it without tears, but he loves reading it even though he doesn't get the depth of the words yet.

I don't take for granted the gift it is when Finn calls me "mama", "mommy" or "mom" as it reminds me of the blessing that he is to our family. So on this World Adoption Day, I wish I could hug all of you mamas out there that have adopted, are waiting to adopt or are in the process of adopting. It's a sweet sisterhood that comes with many challenges and heartaches but also the best reward you'll ever get.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Family Pictures

We haven't had professional family photos taken since Finn turned two and Ryder was six months, so we have been long overdue. When Jude was a week old, we managed to squeeze in a quick newborn/family session with our favorite local photographer. If you're in the Atlanta area, I highly recommend Brandi Sisson as she is wonderful to work with and takes beautiful pics! We're so glad she was able to capture such sweet moments with our family.

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017


I say this every year, but Halloween with kids is so much fun and it keeps getting better year after year with our crew. We may have just added our newest little one 5 weeks ago, but he was the perfect little tag along and slept the whole time in the stroller while we chased his big brothers up and down the streets of our neighborhood. This was our first Halloween in our new house and last night was one of the many reasons we chose this neighborhood and it did not disappoint. It is such a family oriented place and there are a ton of events throughout the year for kids. Last night, there was a kids' costume parade, pizza party at the playground and costume contest before trick or treating started. We only made it for a little bit of the party and then headed out to trick or treat, but I know as the boys get older they will love it. Here are some pics I was able to get before we left thanks to candy bribery.

This year was all about Paw Patrol. Finn was Chase and Ryder was Marshall. I know they won't always want to match, but I'm soaking up all the cuteness while I can.

And this little pumpkin slept through his first Halloween.

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