Tuesday, April 21, 2015

One Month

I can't believe that our second little man turned one month old on Sunday! I can't believe even more that I was able to get this blog post up just two days later. I would like to say this will be the norm, but that might be a lofty goal with two littles under two...

Our sweet, Ryder James, this past month has been a whirlwind but in the best way possible! We love you more than you'll ever know and are so blessed that we were chosen to be your mommy and daddy. Your big brother doesn't know it yet, but you two will be the best of buddies and it makes us so happy to know you'll always have a friend to play with.

Things you love: Hearing mommy and daddy's voices- you turn your head towards us and stare like you're trying to figure us out. Eating! You would eat all day long if I let you. Being held- you are instantly calmed the minute you're picked up and snuggle in pretty quickly. I know that these moments will be gone all too quickly, so I am happy to oblige.

Things you don't love: Tummy time- you already have quite the head control, but don't like having to use it. Your car seat- so far you're not a fan of being in the car. This also happens to be the case with your big brother right now. So if you would like a visit from our family, we will only be traveling within a 30 minute radius for the foreseeable future. 8PM- the evenings are not your favorite right now. After, we put big brother to bed, we begin your bedtime routine complete with bath, bottle and swaddled in bed. We know this will be good for you in the long run, but right now you're less than impressed.

Currently, you're still eating every three hours with one four hour stretch at night. You are up to 9lbs 12oz and 22.25in, so it seems to be paying off. Your eyes look blue right now and you hair is blonde, but seems to have a reddish tint in the sun... we will just have to see if you end up being our little redhead!

Here are some pictures from the past month...

First bath- less than excited but at least you don't scream the whole time like your big brother did.

 Our first official outing as a family of four to a Whitefield baseball game!
And now for the first of our monthly photo shoots. 
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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

This weekend, we celebrated our first Easter as a family of four. Yes, mommy and daddy are sleep deprived and sometimes I feel like I can't even tell you what day it is, but I was determined to still make it a fun time for our sweet big boy (while our littlest little slept the whole time). We went with Nonna and Pop to an Easter egg hunt on Saturday and had a little family day at home today.

The "toddler hunt" aka parent photo session while toddlers run around like puppies.
 When this kid hears music, the finger immediately goes in the air.

Our baskets for our two bunnies.
 The best "brothers first Easter" picture we got today.

 Maybe next year...

 First peep experience. He's undecided.

This kid will do yard work all day long.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Welcome home...

We are so happy to introduce you to our newest little man, Ryder James Oprea. He joined us on March 19, 2015 at 9:54PM and was 8lbs and 21.25in. We are so in love with our little guy and Finn is warming up to the fact that there is another little person that lives with us.

At my OB appointment on Wed. March 18, I was already 40 weeks 1 day and the ultrasound showed the cord was around his neck. His stats were fine, so that wasn't too much of an immediate concern but my doctor still thought it'd be best to schedule an induction for the next day. Also during that appointment, the non stress test showed I was having pretty regular contractions even though I hadn't felt a thing. After my appointment, we headed to brunch to let the fact that we were going to have a baby the next day really sink in. We headed home to finish packing our bags, call our families and spend as much time with our first little man as possible. That night, I was having some more intense contractions, so we headed to the hospital for what started out as a scheduled induction that then turned into active labor. No progress was really made overnight, so they started pitocin in the morning and broke my water around lunchtime. It was also around this time that I had my epidural. Still throughout the day, no real progress was made, so they kept increasing the pitocin. Unfortunately, every time they increased it to a certain level, Ryder's heart rate would drop. The nurses would then have to stop the pitocin, administer another drug to counteract it and and massage my stomach to release the contraction. I was also put on oxygen, because Ryder needed extra oxygen. After this happened three times, the doctor finally came in to talk about a c-section. At this point, it was 9pm and I was actually relieved. I just wanted our little man out safely and gladly accepted the c-section if that's what it was going to take to get him here. 30 minutes later, we heard his sweet little cries and were so in love! Here is a glimpse into our first two weeks with our newest little guy.

 Meeting big brother for the first time!
 First pic as a family of four!

 Going home!

Finn spent a week in Aiken thanks to Oma and Opa to give us some time to adjust and we were so happy to see our little guy come home!

 First doctor's appointment!

 First trip out of the house with both boys to the grocery store! Nonna has been in town since Ryder was born and has been a lifesaver since I can't do much at all for six weeks. The saddest part is not being able to pick up Finn and not being able to explain why. Luckily, he won't remember it like his mommy will and I'm trying to give him all of the snuggles I can while sitting down.

Speaking of our firstborn, he's picked up a new skill- jumping. It might be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

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