Saturday, June 30, 2018

Nine Months

Nine Months! You have now spent just as much time on the outside world as you spent in my belly. Although that's hard to believe, because I felt about 14 months pregnant by the time September rolled around last year. This has been such a big month for you, sweet boy!

You still have two bottom teeth and we're waiting on those top two to poke through. The drool is picking up, so it could be anytime now.

You love feeding yourself by the fistful! One day you were just super fidgety and fussy when I was trying to feed you, so I just gave you a cut up version of what we were eating (chicken, potatoes and Brussels sprouts) and you squealed and dug right in! You now officially eat better (both in quantity and quality) than Ryder. I still try and give you purees sometimes, because letting you feed yourself usually means we have to be fully committed to also give you a bath before bed.

You are still barrel-rolling your way around the house but just this past week you've started army crawling! You are most proud of this and once you get from point A to point B, you look up with a gummy grin and a little giggle.

You started sitting like a big boy in a grocery cart too- this is actually something I'm pretty sure I did with your brothers closer to 6/7 mos so I blame this on the third baby syndrome.

You're sitting fully independently to play although sometimes that pumpkin head still takes you down- I blame that on the fact that you inherited your daddy's deep head.

You still love watching you brothers do anything and everything- especially outside. 

You're 18lbs and 28in which puts you in the 50% for both. You're wearing size 4 diapers and 12-18 mo clothing- although again this is probably because they're hand me downs that have been through your two brothers and shrunken over the years. You're likely a true 9-12 mo size.

You had your third ear infection over a 6 week period, so Santa may be bringing you tubes this year. You still despise taking medicine of any type, so out of desperation we gave you this last antibiotic with spoonfuls of chocolate syrup and you kept it down- messy- but you kept it down.

We can hardly believe how fast you're growing, baby Jude, but we just love you to pieces!

 You now sit like a big boy in restaurants- again this is third baby syndrome. Your big brothers likely did this around 7 months, but it's just been easier to keep you in your car seat until now.
 Ryder asks to hold you at least 4x a day.

 You have yet to find a food you don't like.
 My latest method of giving you an antibiotic/choc syrup cocktail. Patent pending.

 Because this was our first attempt.
 "Jude, when you sit here you get all the snamples"- Ryder

 This progression of pics is mostly blurry and I didn't have time to adjust my light settings, but it's an accurate depiction of their sweet bond. Ryder wants to be next to Jude at all times. Jude loves it so much until he doesn't.

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Eight Months

Baby Jude, Baby Dude, Doodles, you are 2/3 of your way through your first year and I can't even believe it! This was quite a big month for you too. We took your very first trip to Hilton Head with daddy's side of the family and you loved it! You got a little overwhelmed with all of the noise and over stimulation going on, but we had ten kids 12 and under in the house- so who wouldn't? You slept in the closet and probably got the best sleep out of anyone in the family. What's also hard to believe is how well you did this week given you had your very first ear infection. Your big brother got his tubes exactly 6 months after his first one... so I wonder if we will be due before the end of the year. Hope not!

You also got your first two teeth like a champ. The bottom two popped through and it didn't seem to phase you- hoping that means good things to come.

You're up to 18lbs (which was Ryder's weight when he turned 1) and size 4 diapers. You're wearing size 9-12mo clothing and in typical third child fashion, I forgot to pack you a single swimsuit when we went to the beach, even though you probably have more than your brothers combined. Aunt Brittney and Walmart to the rescue, though!

You're not crawling, but are still rolling your way around. You have figured out how to spin around on your belly and still like to lift your arms and legs off the ground in true "sky diver" form.

We just love you to pieces, little squish!

 You got in the pool for the very first time and loved it once you got past the cold water.
 You on the left and Finn on the right- both at 8 months. Same suit. Same hat.
 You'll fall asleep in your play pen if I take too long putting your brothers in their rooms for rest time.
For some reason, you are obsessed with this hat and I think it's just the cutest thing ever. We're pretty obsessed with our Tigers too, buddy.

 This is the face you make when your brothers come in the room.

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