Thursday, June 7, 2018

Eight Months

Baby Jude, Baby Dude, Doodles, you are 2/3 of your way through your first year and I can't even believe it! This was quite a big month for you too. We took your very first trip to Hilton Head with daddy's side of the family and you loved it! You got a little overwhelmed with all of the noise and over stimulation going on, but we had ten kids 12 and under in the house- so who wouldn't? You slept in the closet and probably got the best sleep out of anyone in the family. What's also hard to believe is how well you did this week given you had your very first ear infection. Your big brother got his tubes exactly 6 months after his first one... so I wonder if we will be due before the end of the year. Hope not!

You also got your first two teeth like a champ. The bottom two popped through and it didn't seem to phase you- hoping that means good things to come.

You're up to 18lbs (which was Ryder's weight when he turned 1) and size 4 diapers. You're wearing size 9-12mo clothing and in typical third child fashion, I forgot to pack you a single swimsuit when we went to the beach, even though you probably have more than your brothers combined. Aunt Brittney and Walmart to the rescue, though!

You're not crawling, but are still rolling your way around. You have figured out how to spin around on your belly and still like to lift your arms and legs off the ground in true "sky diver" form.

We just love you to pieces, little squish!

 You got in the pool for the very first time and loved it once you got past the cold water.
 You on the left and Finn on the right- both at 8 months. Same suit. Same hat.
 You'll fall asleep in your play pen if I take too long putting your brothers in their rooms for rest time.
For some reason, you are obsessed with this hat and I think it's just the cutest thing ever. We're pretty obsessed with our Tigers too, buddy.

 This is the face you make when your brothers come in the room.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hilton Head

We spent last week in Hilton Head with Dustin's family and had the best time with our crew. We didn't make it to a beach last summer, so this was really the first time our boys have been to the beach since Finn was 2.5 and Ryder was 1. Basically, it felt brand new to them. I would never really classify "beach with 3 young kids" as a vacation- more of a trip. Or an away game as we like to call it. You're essentially doing everything you usually do at home, only on less sleep in a different house. Thankfully, schools were still in session so it was not crowded at all. Our crew is too young for "real school" and our nieces and nephews attend a classical-hybrid model school and wrapped up their year. Nonetheless- it was so much fun! The boys loved playing with their "tuzzins" (cousins). They loved looking for crabs and fish, feeding and then running from the birds and digging all. day. long. Neither of them feared the ocean which is equally exciting and terrifying. Jude rocked his morning beach naps. All in all, it was a great week.

 Jude basically looked like this every morning from 9-10:30am.
 I love everything about this picture. Baby cheeks and lips. Curly hair. Dimple knuckles. Wrist rolls.
 Our first morning there was Mother's Day. All the moms in the house went out (in uniform) for a kid-free breakfast while the dads were in charge.
 This kid. He talked the whole way there about wanting to "fly a kite on the beach". He's never even seen a kite before except on Curious George. Opa brought a kite and he woke up every morning asking to fly it.
 When you're the baby cousins and your parents don't want you to eat all the sand.
 This kid loved the wind in the face, watching the birds and basically watching everything that everyone else was doing. He didn't so much love the cold water on his toes.
 It's like mentally he sentenced himself to a week of hard labor having to dig the whole beach.

 "mommy, take my picture on this rock."

 A little beach golf.

 About 30 min after being out on the beach, this one would come up to eat all of the snacks.
 And then he crawled into the wagon and looked like a tiny baby all over again.

 We were so thankful for great weather all week even though the forecast was 60-80% chance of storms every day. The one morning it was lightly raining, we took the big boys to play putt putt while Jude napped at the house.
 Ryder's smile is one of my absolute favorite things about him right now.

 More baby jail when the big cousins are swimming.
 Our fam of five went into Harbour Town one evening for dinner and to see the boats and lighthouse. Dustin and I used to come on day trip dates in high school and do the same thing.

 All of the digging finally got to him and he slept for an hour like this.

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