Monday, March 20, 2017


Our sweet boy turned TWO yesterday! In some ways, the past two years feel like they took ten and in others it feels like I blinked.

Ryder, you are such a JOY! You love to snuggle and this might be one of our favorite things about you. Even now at two years old, you will crawl in our laps with books and jump on us on the couch, dig your little hands underneath you and squeal when we snuggle you.

You are absolutely obsessed with your brother. You two can fight like cats and dogs sometimes, but when you play together and give hugs before bedtime it is just the sweetest. Nobody can make you laugh quite like Finn and there are nobody's buttons you'd rather push than his.

You love to sit and look at books, watch Paw Patrol, color, play with your guitar, stack blocks and many other things that Finn would've never even thought about sitting still for at your age.

It took you a little while to warm up, but you love church and your Waumba Land class.

You love animals- real, stuffed, commercials- doesn't matter. You squeal and wave to almost any animal you see.

You love being outside just as much as Finn and will throw quite the tantrum when it's time to come in for dinner.

"Wop" is your word for "yes" and it seems like your vocabulary is exploding by the day.

You love breakfast, tolerate lunch, and will only eat dinner if it is breakfast, hot dogs or mac and cheese. You have your mommy's sweet tooth and this is why we had chocolate chip pancakes and bacon for your birthday dinner.

You still love beating the sun up and are usually awake by 5:30. Thankfully, you're a great napper like your brother to make up for it.

We don't go for your two year check up for a couple weeks, but you're definitely still our little peanut.   I would guess you're still barely 25lbs and wearing size 18mo and 2T.

Your very favorite days are Tuesdays and Fridays, because you get mommy and daddy to yourself while big brother is at school.

Sweet boy, we love you so much and it is such a joy watching you grow into a little boy with a big personality. We are so blessed to be your mommy and daddy!

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

The One with the Moving Truck

I have learned over time that the busier life gets with more blog-worthy events, the less time I actually have to blog- shocking, I know. To play catch-up, we listed our house for sale the week that we left for Disney World back in January. We have loved our little first home immensely, but it was time for "the move". You know the one I'm talking about- playroom, basement, cul-de-sac, community pool and good schools. Our house ended up selling pretty quickly and we were able to put an offer on one in a neighborhood we LOVE within a few days of each other.

Our first home wasn't perfect by any means, but we worked hard and made it our own. We started out with our own little kitchen reno.

 Then we got a real kitchen reno a few years later.
 We celebrated our first Christmas in our house and decorated a tree that gradually got bigger every year.
 We had a few snow days.
 We brought home our first baby boy.
 And our second baby boy.
 We celebrated birthdays.
 And our last family Christmas in our house.
Our home was filled with a lot of laughter, tears, celebrations and friends.
Fast forward to the end of February, and we had a moving truck packed and ready to move our memories to our new home that we hope to fill with more of the same. The past few weeks have been an adventure of unpacking, setting up house, painting and greeting neighbors who bring us freshly baked blueberry muffins. I hope to post some pics soon!
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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Say Cheers!

Happy New Year! We have hit the ground running this year in the best way possible. We spent last week in Orlando with Dustin's side of the family where we took the boys to Disney World for the first time. There was very little sleep happening, but the boys had so much fun! The weather was perfect and crowds were minimal- which was a great change from previous trips to Disney where the parks are usually maxed out by 10am. For those occasions, please check out my post from a couple years back about how to beat the crowds during those super busy times. Here is how we spent our week:

Our resort had a putt-putt course, so for our little golfers this was a dream.

 Also, worth mentioning that our Clemson Tigers won the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP game on Monday night!!! We may have lost about 5 years of our lives watching the game and only gotten a couple hours of sleep, but it was totally worth it. Tuesday morning while running on adrenaline and coffee, we left bright and early for Magic Kingdom.

 Don't let their "the sun is in my eyes" frowns fool you. These boys loved everything Disney just like their mama!
I tried to take a family selfie, but had my phone on video instead. I am so glad I did! Here is Ryder's response to seeing Mickey for the first time.

 His reaction to his first ride wasn't quite the same. By the time it was finished, he didn't want to get off.

I got to ride a big kid ride with my favorite big girls.
All the excitement wore this one out by 11AM.
And he slept through the line to see Mickey.
And woke up just in time to say cheese!

I am so proud of how this big boy wanted to ride his very first roller coaster. The only one he was tall enough for was the Barnstormer, which is pretty fast but only lasts about 30 seconds. While waiting for it, he looked at me and said "I'm not so sure about this. I'm really nervous". By the end, he wanted to do it again and again!

On Wednesday, we relaxed at the condo with our cousins and the ate lunch at a really fun spot for littles called T-Rex located in Disney Springs.

Too much fun.

"Hold my hand by the road, Ryder"
On Thursday, we headed back to Magic Kingdom since that is where our crew can get the most bang for our buck. These boys were so excited!

 Finn is still a bit unsure about all mascots, so this was a big step for him.

 We got stuck on the Buzz Lightyear ride for a few extra minutes and this is what our pic ended up looking like at the end of the ride.

 We finally got a couple pics by the castle. Tip: later afternoon provides for the best lighting.

 "Finn, give Ryder a hug"

 See ya real soon, Mickey! Thanks for the memories!
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