Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Our newest little gentleman, Jude Weldon, was born September 24 at 9:24AM-- yes, for those that love good even numbers that is 9:24 on 9.24. At 8.6lbs and 21in, he has been our biggest baby and just as loud as his brothers when they were born. With Ryder, I was in labor for 24hrs before a c-section was needed due to failure to progress and his heart rate dropping. As soon as I found out I was pregnant with Jude, we scheduled a c-section knowing we didn't want to add any more risk than necessary. With my history, I'm just happy to have a healthy baby in my arms at the end- no matter how he's born. Not to mention, knowing the date ahead of time makes it a lot easier to plan for out of town family to take care of our older two. Here are some pictures of our little guy over the last 10 days.

It's safe to say the big brothers are pretty obsessed with him. They ran into our room so excited to give him their presents. They wanted to jump right up on the bed and give him his paci. They ask to hold him all the time and can't get enough of "baby dude".

I remembered to bring my real camera to the hospital this time around AND remembered to actually take some pictures. Here's our sweet boy at just one day old.

And then some pictures I was able to take anytime my phone was in arm's reach.

Our first night home.
Watching golf with daddy.

And while the older brothers were in South Carolina, we met some family for lunch.

As always, we love when our big boys come home and I think the feeling is mutual.

Jude's first Clemson football Saturday.
First bottle from Nonna.
When you're the baby with two brothers.

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