Friday, May 11, 2018

Seven Months

Seven Months! You have now made it over the curve of your first year and are closer to turning one than being born. Baby Jude, you are so much fun. You are always smiling, rolling, wiggling, flapping your arms, pulling your toes and want so badly to move with your brothers. You are still pretty obsessed with them. Ryder makes you belly laugh in a way that only he can and Finn is your number one big helper. When you're on your belly, you still pull your arms and legs off the ground in your "skydiver" position as we call it. Ryder did the exact same thing. I've had to pull out the old pop n play (play pen) to keep you from rolling your way all around the house. You still love jumping in your jumper and you especially love when your brothers push it like a tire swing before I catch them and tell them to stop. You bathe with the big boys now in our big bath tub and this will continue until you're at least teenagers because I think it's the cutest thing ever.

You are still such the little dream baby. You go with the flow and take more than your fair share of car seat and stroller naps when we're on the go. If you don't get a nap in the morning, you still don't seem to mind. You nap like a champ in the afternoon and thankfully so do your brothers.

You love to eat! You get three 6oz bottles/day and an 8oz bottle at bedtime. You love purees at breakfast and dinner and lunch on days when it's actually convenient for me to sit down and feed it to you. You started eating baby yogurt this month and love it.

As of this post, you're about 7.5 months and you just got your very first tooth last night! I knew it had to be happening soon, but it just popped through and you're still happy as can be. This is how Finn's teeth came. Ryder's were another story. I hope this is setting up our next two years to go really well in this area.

We won't be back at the doctor's office for a check up until 9 months, but I would assume you're around 18lbs. My arms get tired after holding you for extended periods of time and you are just a big ball of squish and I love every bit of it. You're in 9 mo. clothing and size 4 diapers, except I'm trying to finish my last pack of size 3's.

We just love you to pieces, sweet baby Jude and it's a blessing to see you grow!

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Sunday, April 22, 2018


We are well into Spring around here (I think). It's 38 degrees outside at the moment. Regardless of the 40 degree range in temperature, we have already been spending a lot of time outside. Finn started playing soccer at a school near our house. He loves it and we love watching him play. We've spent a lot of time playground hopping and had some fun play dates with friends. There are only a couple more weeks of school and I've already started my beach packing list in my phone so I can see summer peaking at us around the corner. Here is a look at what we've been up to recently.

 On Thursdays, after taking Finn to school, the younger buddies and I would head to music class. When we show up early, this one gets a snack in the car.
 After music class, we supervise these two on weekly lunch dates.
 We've had a couple trips to the doctor's office for ear checks now that his tubes are out. Besides the one raging ear infection the week after they fell out, we haven't had any- so hoping it stays that way.
 Our neighborhood hosts an Easter egg hunt for all of the kids.

 This kid's smile is seriously one of my favorite things about him.
 Easter service at church.
 Easter morning in Christmas pj's.

 Jude's first Easter!

 This sweet dream baby is just so content to sit in his stroller on trips to the playground- sometimes for 2+ hours and will just watch his brothers until he falls asleep.

 I love this picture so much. Inherited friendships are the best kind and these buddies are just the sweetest.

 Some of our very best friends came to town to join in on the crazy for the weekend. If only we could get them to stay.
 Master's Sunday at church.

 Visiting the Nature Center near our house.

 "Hey mom, want to hear my song??" Always buddy. Always.

 Dustin's parents are selling their family home in Aiken so the Oprea kids gifted them with a family photo session with the house in the background before they move.

 Jelly beans bribes for days.

 So much love on this blanket.

One of the biggest accomplishments around our house this year has been that Finn learned to ride his bike without training wheels! He'd go so fast even with them, that they barely touched the ground anyway, so we took them off and he hasn't looked back!

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