Sunday, June 19, 2016

Seagrove Beach

We just got back from our biennial beach trip with Dustin's side of the family. This year, we went to Seagrove Beach on the gulf coast of Florida. We just love this little stretch of beaches and are so glad to have shared it with our extended family! Our group numbers have grown mightily over the years with 31 people coming from Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. A beach trip with a one and two year old in tow doesn't allow for a lot of down time, but here are some pics I was able to capture during the week.

 Ryder with his sweet cousin, Hartley who is 3 months younger.
 Someone's gotta keep this house clean.

 Our mornings started around 5am everyday thanks to central standard time. This meant we headed out on a walk around 6am.

 The whole group.

 Oh my heart. These two. Finn and Colton are 7 weeks apart in age and it makes me so happy to watch them grow together. They are the cutest little buddies.

 The boy Oprea cousins.
 Oma and Opa with all their grands.
 The Oprea side
 BB with all 14 of her great grands. Please note Finn's sideways, hand-in-pocket pose.
It's so fun to see how much this picture has changed in the last two years...

 How is it possible these teenagers have five kids?

 "Boys, sit there so I can get a picture of you both"

 "Ryder, smile!"

 "Finn, smile!"

 One of our many morning doughnut runs


 "Finn, love on Ryder!"

 BB with her grands
 Ryder would do this all day long if daddy's arms or mommy's nerves could handle it.

 Everyday trying to put sunscreen on him

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