Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Luck of the Irish

Here we are, friends. The date that has been on my mental calendar ever since we first heard this sweet baby's heartbeat last August- 3.17.15. So far, he seems to be quite content where he is - much to the disappointment of his sweet little Irishman of a big brother who is eagerly waiting for his new best friend to arrive. We'll just have to wait and see...
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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Eighteen months

It is so hard to believe that our sweet boy will be 18 months this Thursday! He is the most joyful little guy and has never met a stranger. He is usually dancing or waving or both. Right now, his signature dance move involves bending at his knees while waving his index finger around in the air. If you're lucky, he will also add in some side steps. I have yet to capture this on video, but I have made it my mission to do so before he outgrows it.

We have officially dropped down to one nap a day and we are so thankful it's a long one. He usually sleeps for around 3 hours in the afternoon and still sleeps 11 or so hours at night. This tired (still pregnant) momma is most grateful for a huge chunk of downtime after lunch. He doesn't seem to be the pickiest of eaters, but definitely lets us know his preferences. Right now, the favorites are pasta, broccoli, peaches, blueberries, avocados, sweet potatoes and fish. He will also not turn down some good queso and chips when we go on family dates to Taqueria del sol- a boy after his momma's heart!

Finn's absolute favorite thing in the world right now is being outside and running around- this is working wonderfully with the warm temps but not so much with the prego momma whose pace resembles that of an overstuffed penguin. Luckily, this has been daddy's role when he gets home and they will play outside until it's time for dinner. I have a feeling this summer will be filled with much more time at the playground and outdoor activities than last and I'm pretty excited about it. He loves any and all animals and will wave at them- real or fake. He LOVES airplanes and will throw his hand up in the air and yell every time he hears one whether we're inside or outside.

We scheduled Finn's 18 month check up a couple weeks early, since we weren't sure when baby brother would be making his arrival. Clearly, we could've still gone this week since baby brother seems quite content where he is. His stats are currently 24lbs (50th %) and 32in. (25th %). He is also still in 12 mo. pj's, size 4 diapers and 12-18mos. clothes although last weekend, he did fit into a pair of his 9 mo shorts from last summer. We love our sweet little guy to pieces!

 Like I said.. loves animals- real or fake.
Golf. All day. Everyday. A boy after his daddy's heart.
Loves going shopping with mommy.

 Our "family dinners" have turned into "family breakfasts" as more littles keep arriving!
This big boy also got his very first haircut at 17 months. It was probably the most still I've seen him in his life and I still can't believe it went so smoothly.

Out to breakfast to celebrate!

And to the playground

Besides outside, his favorite spot to go with daddy is to the Golfsmith (and it might be daddy's favorite too).
 Eyeing up his shot.
These chunky thighs (in his 9 mo. shorts) are ready for spring!
And because mommy is still pregnant, we go out for doughnuts.  

 Operation walk this baby out.
 We love you so much baby boy and are so blessed to be your mommy and daddy! We know you will be the best big brother and are excited that your new best buddy will be here any day now!
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