Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cross Country Christmas

I love Christmas. I love everything about it- always have. I would leave our decorations up all year long if it was socially acceptable... tree included. The only thing better than Christmas is your baby's first Christmas.. and every year to come after that. Over the past several years, we've had a couple what we thought would be baby's first Christmas-es that didn't turn out to be. Well this year, we celebrated big time. He won't remember it, but his mom and dad certainly will. Here is a glimpse into what our season looked like...

We spent a lot of tummy time by the Christmas tree.

We celebrated with the husband's side of the family in Greenville, SC earlier in the month. Finn and his cousin, Colton are 7 weeks apart. It will be so fun to watch these little guys grow up together.
Oma and Finn

 Oma and Opa with their 6th grandbaby!

 Fun times with Uncle Seth and Aunt Brittney
 This pic really speaks for itself. Sawyer insisted on wearing every new piece of clothing he got- included his daddy's new belt sans pants.

The weekend before Christmas, we went to celebrate with my side of the family in Aiken. The weather made it feel like Spring, so we enjoyed plenty of back porch time.

 looks like someone loves Christmas just as much as I do

We celebrated our own little Christmas for the first time as a family of three the day before we flew to Texas to see all of Dustin's extended family. Every year, Dustin dresses as Santa to deliver some pre-exam goodies to high school students involved in KLife. This ended up being our only pictures with "Santa" this year. I promise Finn liked it more than the scared expression on his face shows.

 Like father like son.

Our own "Christmas morning" on Dec 23.
Please disregard our geeked up "video voices" and the poor lighting. We started opening his gifts and filmed it as an afterthought.

We flew out to Texas the morning of Christmas Eve. Our little man is already accumulating quite the frequent flyer miles.

 Finn's first big Christmas Eve party in Houston with Dustin's dad's side of the family.

 Christmas celebrations in College Station.

Fun times meeting new cousins in Waco.

Finn and BB

I think someone was exhausted from all of our Christmas fun. 
He stayed like this most of the flight home.

Lastly, here is the 15 second version of our year.. the best. year. yet.

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Three Months

This post is definitely LONG overdue! Our little man turned three months on December 19 and is showing us more of his little personality every day. His sweet smiles melt our hearts and he is starting to really "talk"- and by talk, I mean make his little voice known by lots of coos, giggles and other sounds that make us laugh. He is a great eater taking five ounces every three hours during the day and sleeping 8-10 hrs straight at night! At an appointment we had on Dec 17, he was up to 13.5 lbs and still 21.5in. By now, we are sure that he is over 14 lbs and you can see every last bit in his leg rolls and sweet cheeks. He loves music- even mommy and daddy's singing. He also loves ceiling fans and lights... even better if it's a ceiling fan with a light- jackpot. Little man, we love you more every day and we are so blessed to be your parents! We loved every minute of your first Christmas! Stay tuned for a fun re-cap of our cross country Christmas...

As you can see below, we haven't grown much in the length category...
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