Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer so far

We have now hit the ground running full on into summer with 95 degree days, trips to the pool and sweaty walks to the playground. Here are some pictures of our first few weeks of summer.

There is a gymnastics gym that hosted "open gym time" during the school year and we made it to the last two of the year.

Our first trip to the pool this year. He loved watering the plants more so than the actual pool, but he looked cute!

#1 had his first of I'm sure many injuries to come.  He tripped while walking in his room and hit his head on the dresser... at bedtime. So, of course, we had to keep him up an extra couple hours to monitor him and thankfully all was good with our sweet boy. Somehow, we managed to avoid stitches with this one.

Dustin went on his third annual trip to Trinidad with KLife and they took 17 high schoolers this year!

#2 has smiles for days now
 #1 playing hide and seek

We had a run-in with the sprinklers on our walk.
 Little Acorns playtime up at our new favorite shopping/dining/everything area, Avalon.

Food Truck Tuesdays complete with a fire truck

Splashing at Brook Run Park while waiting for our friends to arrive.

Lots of love from Teagan.

3 mommas, 5 babies and a dog make for a fun morning.

Full arms=full heart

Free doughnut day at Dunk Donuts

We took the boys to a Teeny Tykes music camp at a church not too far away and Finn loved it! We can't wait to sign up for the fall class in September!

Finn "loving" his baby brother.

Finn made his first craft in Waumba Land at church.

My shopping buddy

All smiles around here lately and I love it.

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