Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Six Months

With all of the excitement of big brother turning two, we didn't forget about our sweet baby turning six months on the very same day!

You're 16.11lbs and 26in, which puts you in the 20th% for both weight and length- our sweet, petite little guy!

You started solid foods and typically eat three meals a day and still nurse five times. Since four months, you have refused anything resembling a bottle. Since I stay at home, it's not a huge issue, but it does make getting out of the house a challenge at times. You're a good sleeper- not as great as your brother, but we can't complain! You sleep from about 7pm-5:30am. On a good night, you'll fall back asleep on your own and make it until around 6:30am. Your morning nap is less than consistent as it really just depends on what we're doing that day or where we are. You take a great afternoon nap with your brother so I can usually get 2-3 hours to myself in the afternoon (!)

You're such a happy little guy and stay content most of the time. You are loud and like making your voice known to compete with your big, busy brother. You constantly have a gummy smile and giggle at us a lot. You can balance enough to sit up for a couple seconds. You're rolling across the floor and reaching for anything you can get in your mouth. You're still not the biggest fan of your car seat, but thankfully we don't have any more long trips planned anytime soon. One of your biggest milestones for this month is your first tooth! It broke through on Sept. 11 and the second one is on its way in too.

We have now entered into mommy's absolute favorite time of year! We have so many fun things planned for the rest of 2015 and are enjoying every minute with our little family of four- from pumpkin picking to fall festivals to everything Christmas, we are soaking up these cooler days of Fall!
 We went to the lake for Labor Day weekend and the first Clemson game and you got to ride on a boat for the very first time. You were less than thrilled.

 If you look closely, you can still see the wispy strands of your baby mullet.
 You got to meet your newest cousin, Hartley.
 You love your Opa!
You started your very first solid food! You ate squash just like your big brother did. While we started out with a baby led weaning approach to solids, we've been doing spoon-fed baby food for the last week or so. You are just a hungry boy and needed some more food in your stomach than you were getting with the finger foods that are more meant for playing at this point.
 You went to your first Friday night football game at Westminster, although, you slept through most all of it.
 You are our second little blue-eyed boy with blonde hair like your daddy.
 You are our happy, content, go with the flow little guy.

 Most days, you're up by 5:30 AM. After you eat, I get the sweetest snuggles and it makes the early mornings a million times better.

You started using the jumper and as long as we can keep your big brother from swinging it, you seem to like it.
Your giggles warm my heart.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Airplane Party

We had so much fun yesterday celebrating our sweet two year old! We had Finn's party at the playground at DeKalb Peachtree Airport here in Atlanta. It's such a fun park, because you're right next to the runway where there are planes constantly taking off and landing. The weather was a little warm for my liking, but it was beautiful out! We are so thankful for all of our friends and family that came out to celebrate our sweet boy! Here are some pictures from the day.

I love treating birthdays like Christmas morning in our house, so this is what he came downstairs to see in the morning. The cute little tent is from Ikea for 19.99!
I just want to freeze him like this. Yes, he still sleeps in a sleep sack so he doesn't climb out and yes, he sleeps with a paci. And yes, I just want to eat him up.

 So hard to believe I was 14 weeks pregnant with this little guy at Finn's party last year and we were praying for his little heart to just keep beating. Now, we can't imagine our family without him!

 The boys with Nonna and Pop and their great-grandparents. We should've probably taken a picture at the beginning when both boys weren't tired and cranky :)
 It should probably have my real camera downstairs more often so I can capture more sweet moments like this.
 This morning before church.
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