Thursday, February 19, 2015

The nursery and pregnancy final stretch

Ok friends, I think the husband and I have finally caught up to the fact that another baby is about to join our family. In the past month, we've sorted through all of our baby gear, installed the car seat, packed our hospital bags, taken our hospital tour, washed and organized the baby clothes, reorganized the guest room and finally made a nursery space (combined guest room) for our new little guy. I'd always envisioned myself taking an entire pregnancy to carefully plan out every detail of a nursery and being done with it way before the third trimester even started so I could sit and reflect in it daily. And really, I was able to do that with Finn's room  complete with Pinterest crafts and plenty of personal touches. This time around, though, we didn't even start on baby boy's room until I was almost 35 weeks so needless to say I was a huge help. But really, Dustin has been the biggest help to get this room ready in such a short amount of time while I waddle around and fold baby clothes. Baby boy is already entering this world as a very much loved, wanted and prayed for child, but a second child nonetheless. Here is a peek inside of baby boy's room.

 We already had the closet doors off from our cloffice project before Finn, so we kept them off to make the room feel bigger. The little blue outfit hanging in the middle was Dustin's when he was born, so that will be baby boy's coming home outfit from the hospital.

The only thing missing is his name hanging on the wall above his crib for which we have the letters, but I left them down for the pictures. We're not really keeping it a secret, but I'd like for it to make it's blog debut when he does.

Shockingly enough, I have remembered to take a few more pictures to document this pregnancy- so here I am in the home stretch- literally.

32 Weeks

Someone is going to miss his "seat"

 34 Weeks

36 Weeks

And for kicks, here is the official "pregnancy list" for what will definitely be the last time.
How far along: 36 weeks
Baby Size: a head of lettuce. ~18 in. & 6 lbs.
Weight gain: +25 (see food cravings below.)
Maternity clothes: Yes.
Sleep: Negative- thanks to frequent bathroom trips, back pain and a teething toddler. 
Gender: BOY!
Movement: He's running out of room in there, but I still feel plenty of rolls and squirms.
Best moment this week: Checking all of my pre-baby to-do items off my list!
Looking forward to: Meeting this sweet boy and seeing Finn as a big brother
Food cravings: salt and vinegar chips and milk and cookies and most recently grapefruit.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  It doesn't make me sick, but I haven't really been wanting ground beef or burgers.
Labor Signs: nope- baby boy has definitely dropped majorly in the past couple of days and I've been feeling every bit of it.
What I miss: sleep, having energy to keep up with Finn and my back not hurting constantly
Symptoms: lower back pain big time, exhaustion
Nursery: Done!
Belly Button in or out? In- but barely hanging in there
Wedding rings on or off? On- thankful for no swelling anywhere whatsoever- maybe winter is to thank for that?
Mood: Couldn't be happier! 
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