Monday, December 15, 2014

Merry Merry

So we are only 10 days away from Christmas and I feel like we've been packing as much Christmas fun into this month as we possibly can. Finn is at such a fun age that we are trying to soak up every minute of our second (and last) Christmas as a family of three. Here is a peek into our season so far...

We picked out a Christmas tree. In 75 degree weather.

There was a fire truck. Something tells me that he will be way more excited about this in the future.
The cutest little reindeer I've ever seen.
We decorated the tree after Finn went to bed.
And of course I had to capture his response in the morning.

 Surprisingly, we haven't really had any issues with him trying to pull the tree down. Considering this is the kid who is into anything and everything I was preparing for it to be on its side within 48 hours. He started waving at it so we went with that response. Every time he gets close to it, we just say "wave to the Christmas tree" and he immediately waves and grins. Now he just waves on his own every time he passes it.
 We had a fun Christmas pj playdate with friends.
Finn wore daddy's 30 year old sneakers to church so of course I had to take a picture. He is also pointing out Christmas lights to us.
We got dressed up to go see Santa for the very first time. Last year, Finn was less than 3 months old and the idea of standing in line at a crowded mall of kids with an already respiratory-sensitive baby made me way too nervous. So this is what we ended up with last year...
This year, though, someone was excited even though he had no idea who Santa is.

Success.  I'm not sure why part of me was a little disappointed that we didn't end up with the classic crying picture, but this happy boy had the sweetest smile.
We continued our fun with Chick-fil-A for lunch.
And a ride on the carousel.
And a warm chocolate chip cookie (ok this may have been mommy's idea). All in all, it was such a fun afternoon and with sweet memories.
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  1. I think Finn has THE BEST photo with Santa of all the ones I've seen! So precious!

    1. Thanks Amanda! I was so pleasantly surprised by how well it went!