Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Round One

We had our own little family Christmas this morning at home before we leave town on Tuesday to be with family in South Carolina and in Florida. We did this last year for the first time as a family of three and it was just the sweetest little memory from Finn's first Christmas. This year was even more fun, because our little guy could actually participate and got excited about his gifts (as excited as a 15 month old can). In our house, we celebrate Jesus and Santa- in that order, so Finn got some presents from mommy and daddy as well as some Santa presents. We will most likely continue this pattern in our family, because we want our kids to recognize that mommy and daddy love them and work hard to get them things they want and not everything is from Santa. We stayed home from church this morning, because the Christmas service at our church was sure to be quite possibly the most crowded Sunday of the year and we didn't want Finn to get sick from Waumba Land (nursery) right before we leave town since he seems to get sick about 75% of the time following church. Here are some pics I was able to capture this morning.

 Yes, he normally wakes up around 6 or 6:30... this morning was 7:45.
 Since he slept so late, his only concern when he first got up was having his milk.

 And then he notices the presents.
 Meeting his new friend.
Now for the video... yes the redneck in the background would be husband/daddy.

 We honestly could've wrapped empty boxes and he would've had just as much fun with the paper.

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  1. Love all the pics and videos! Such a fun time! Safe travels. :)

  2. He is just so darn cute! I run a Waumba 3s room at church, and I think everyone shared the same idea... I only had FIVE kids yesterday! So much flu going around! Hope you enjoy your last Christmas as a family of three! Safe travels!

  3. Love that he slept in so late! Too funny! And him on his little scooter/car thing! haha... I clearly have a lot to learn. ;)