Saturday, April 7, 2012


I can only imagine what Mary, the mother of Jesus was going through 2,000 years ago. The world viewed him as a prophet and a healer. The disciples viewed him as their teacher and leader, but to Mary- he was her son. She probably took care of his splinters and skinned knees as a little boy and cooked for him when he was sick. Now, when He was hanging on a Roman cross while suffering the most unfathomable pain- there was nothing she could do about it but watch, pray and hope. Watch him die, pray for peace and hope that he was right and that she would see him again. Right then, she didn't witness the biggest miracle in mankind.... she was a mother that witnessed the death of her son. 

Mary's heart didn't have to be broken for too long even though three days probably felt like years. He was right and death could not hold Him. She did see Him again and so did the world. So does the world.  Easter isn't about celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus- it's about the hope that came with it. It's because of this hope that we know we can take God at His word and trust that He's with us through our darkest days while knowing that He is light.

This picture was taken at the top of the only mountain I've ever climbed at Frontier Ranch in CO.

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