Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Favorite Things: Spring Edition

With the weather warming up all too quickly I find myself turning to some of my Spring-time essentials. Here are some of my must-haves:

1. Jergens Natural Glow lotion. I kissed tanning beds good-bye in college and have even been more careful about being out in the sun since I have to get 2-3 moles cut off every time I see the dermatologist. This stuff really works. I buy the "firming" kind in hopes to kill two birds with one stone.
2. Tervis Tumblers. These are a must-have for all beverages. Unlike myself, they don't sweat when sitting outside on a hot day and they also don't leave rings on your coffee table (music to my OCD ears). You can even buy ones the suit your style.
3. Self-serve yogurt shops. I love ice cream just as much as Ben & Jerry... but all of those calories begin to add up. This is why I love frozen yogurt from Menchie's, Yoforia, Pinkberry, Yogurtland, Yogli Mogli, Fruttela, Yogurberry, Jujubees, Swirlin' Twirlin'... market saturation much? You can pick your yogurt and your toppings and pay by the ounce. Chances are there is one near you with a catchy name.

4. Tankinis and one-piece swimsuits. This past year has not only taken its toll on me emotionally, but physically. These guys will be my new best friends. I love that they are considered "stylish" now instead of frumpy (score).
found here
 found here

found here

5.  Sabra Hummus- Greek Olive. In order to fit into said swimsuits, carrots and hummus have been my snack of choice lately. I'm really loving this flavor by Sabra. If you are classy and quirky like me and LOVE olives... this is a must try.

6. My Neti Pot. Ok, I know that I've mentioned this in a previous post... but this has been my lifeline with the pollen this Spring. I use it every morning and I feel like a new person. So... challenge yourself to get over the ick factor and pick up one from your local drug store today (end of infomercial).

PS. When I did a quick google image search for this, I found a few on EBay. I recommend buying a new one... just sayin.

7. Lastly, for those of you trying to plan your list of beach reads for this summer, I definitely recommend The Hunger Games. Now... I know what you're thinking- really? I begrudgingly read this to see what the hype was about and was actually surprised by how much I liked it. You should read the book before seeing the movie.. although I recommend the movie too. Next on my list are Catching Fire and Mockingjay to round out the series.

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