Sunday, August 14, 2011

I hate sand but I love the beach.

Dustin and I were blessed to be able to spend this past week at the beach. Not just any beach, but Hilton Head. Now Hilton Head holds a very special place in our hearts. It's where we used to go on vacation together with Dustin's family in high school and college and where we would drive down for day trips just the two of us. South Carolina in August isn't exactly the coolest place to be. It was hot, humid, sticky with a heat index of 112... but the timing was absolutely perfect for us. We have had this trip planned since April, because we wanted to get away before KLife started for the fall- but after the summer we've had, I think it was extra special. We slept in, had coffee with Matt Lauer and Ann Curry and then went down to the beach each morning. We would come in only for lunch and go back to the beach for the rest of the afternoon. We went out to eat a few nights and others we just cooked in at the condo. It was a lot of rest, relaxation and restoration. I read Heaven is for Real, The Same Kind of Different As Me and The Help. Dustin read Heaven is for Real and Seal Team Six. I could easily write a long book review for each, but I will just simply say read them. They were all phenomenal. Here are some pictures from our trip.

Dustin sporting his new hat on the way to HHI.

Dustin went running on the beach every morning and I asked him to do a pre-run stretch pose.

And another.

Meanwhile, I read... and read... and read.

This mug sums up not only our trip, but me in general.

We purchased this at Publix on our first night and it barely lasted the week.

Listening to Todd play at Steamer's- one of our favorite traditions.

Dinner at the Boathouse.

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