Monday, August 29, 2011

25 ways to know you're a child of the 90's

I heard this on the radio this morning and it was a fabulous way to start my Monday. I am hoping it will do the same for you all.

1. You can’t resist finishing the rest of these lyrics: “In West Philadelphia born and raised...”

2. You know all of these shows: All That, Doug, Clarissa Explains it All, Round House

3. Your AOL profile had to be PERFECT... dial up anyone?

4. You read all of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series... Create Your Own Adventure anyone?

5. Everything could be settled by these three words: Paper. Rock. Scissors.

6. You would listen closely to the radio so that you could record your favorite song…on a tape... did this ALL THE TIME.

7. You always dreamed of being slimed. (And you know what that means).

8. You know the real meaning of TGIF... Family Matters and Step by Step had the best theme songs.

9. You’ll never forget your first boom box... It had to have two tape decks so you could make mix tapes.

10. You had to have the coolest slammer (hello, pogs).

11. All your school supplies had to be Lisa Frank... neon puppies? absolutely!

12. You collected every Beanie Baby, ever.... guilty.

13. Getting the original walkman was one of the best days in your life... mine had a belt clip on it for easy transportability (is that a word?)

14. You know the “Macarena“ by heart... unfortunately, yes.

15. Ring pops were the original bling.

16. You had at least one Giga Pet, Tamagotchi, or Nano Pet. And it never left your side... pretty sure I had a couple. A Giga Pet  iPhone app would be so cool...

17. You remember the original Now: That’s Music! ... I think they're up to 38 now. You still can't beat the original CD with this little number.

18. You begged your parents to let you stay up to watch Are You Afraid Of The Dark on SNICK... Saturday night Nickeloden anyone? This was a sleep-over must.

 19. You predicted your future career, house, and marriage by playing M.A.S.H... I was going to marry Jonathan Taylor Thomas, live in a mansion and be a lawyer.

20. Dunkaroos were the bagged lunch must-have... and we wonder why there is an obesity crisis.

21. You read the Babysitter's Club and started your own... of course.

22. It was worth getting up early on the weekends to watch the cartoons.

23. You remember heading to the VIDEO store to rent VIDEOS not, DVDs... don't even think Blockbuster is still in business.

24. You really wished that Jumanji was a real game... LOVED this movie!

25. You won’t admit it, but you miss your trapper keeper... I would still carry one if I could find it.

Hope you all enjoyed that little trip down memory lane. Feel free to share any of your own!

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