Sunday, March 19, 2017

The One with the Moving Truck

I have learned over time that the busier life gets with more blog-worthy events, the less time I actually have to blog- shocking, I know. To play catch-up, we listed our house for sale the week that we left for Disney World back in January. We have loved our little first home immensely, but it was time for "the move". You know the one I'm talking about- playroom, basement, cul-de-sac, community pool and good schools. Our house ended up selling pretty quickly and we were able to put an offer on one in a neighborhood we LOVE within a few days of each other.

Our first home wasn't perfect by any means, but we worked hard and made it our own. We started out with our own little kitchen reno.

 Then we got a real kitchen reno a few years later.
 We celebrated our first Christmas in our house and decorated a tree that gradually got bigger every year.
 We had a few snow days.
 We brought home our first baby boy.
 And our second baby boy.
 We celebrated birthdays.
 And our last family Christmas in our house.
Our home was filled with a lot of laughter, tears, celebrations and friends.
Fast forward to the end of February, and we had a moving truck packed and ready to move our memories to our new home that we hope to fill with more of the same. The past few weeks have been an adventure of unpacking, setting up house, painting and greeting neighbors who bring us freshly baked blueberry muffins. I hope to post some pics soon!
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  1. Aw sweet recap! Leaving that first home is so bitter-sweet, but we're so glad to have y'all nearby now!!