Monday, March 27, 2017

Ryder's Mickey Mouse Party

This past Saturday, we had Ryder's party at our neighborhood playground and pavilion and it was so much fun! We had it at 4pm after naps and kept is super simple- Walmart decorations, fruit, veggie straws, pizza and cupcakes. This was the least Pinterest-worthy party I've ever planned, but it was SO EASY and the kids loved it. It ended up being a beautiful day and the kids just played outside for two hours! Here are some pics from the day.

 I bought these hats that I thought were super cute but Ryder was less than thrilled about them. Thankfully, some of the other kids enjoyed them.

 Finn was so excited about Ryder's party. He's been talking about it for weeks and wanted to serve all of his friends veggie straws when they arrived.

 Finn and Nonna

 I love how this pic sums up their little friendship so much. Finn is just all in covered in chalk from head to toe. Ryan has a little bit of chalk on his fingers and is a little unsure about what Finn is doing.
 But they are just the sweetest little buddies to watch!

 Ryder, you are such a joy and we love you to pieces! We love watching you grow into such a sweet, snuggly and spunky little boy!

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