Monday, March 20, 2017


Our sweet boy turned TWO yesterday! In some ways, the past two years feel like they took ten and in others it feels like I blinked.

Ryder, you are such a JOY! You love to snuggle and this might be one of our favorite things about you. Even now at two years old, you will crawl in our laps with books and jump on us on the couch, dig your little hands underneath you and squeal when we snuggle you.

You are absolutely obsessed with your brother. You two can fight like cats and dogs sometimes, but when you play together and give hugs before bedtime it is just the sweetest. Nobody can make you laugh quite like Finn and there are nobody's buttons you'd rather push than his.

You love to sit and look at books, watch Paw Patrol, color, play with your guitar, stack blocks and many other things that Finn would've never even thought about sitting still for at your age.

It took you a little while to warm up, but you love church and your Waumba Land class.

You love animals- real, stuffed, commercials- doesn't matter. You squeal and wave to almost any animal you see.

You love being outside just as much as Finn and will throw quite the tantrum when it's time to come in for dinner.

"Wop" is your word for "yes" and it seems like your vocabulary is exploding by the day.

You love breakfast, tolerate lunch, and will only eat dinner if it is breakfast, hot dogs or mac and cheese. You have your mommy's sweet tooth and this is why we had chocolate chip pancakes and bacon for your birthday dinner.

You still love beating the sun up and are usually awake by 5:30. Thankfully, you're a great napper like your brother to make up for it.

We don't go for your two year check up for a couple weeks, but you're definitely still our little peanut.   I would guess you're still barely 25lbs and wearing size 18mo and 2T.

Your very favorite days are Tuesdays and Fridays, because you get mommy and daddy to yourself while big brother is at school.

Sweet boy, we love you so much and it is such a joy watching you grow into a little boy with a big personality. We are so blessed to be your mommy and daddy!

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