Monday, June 7, 2010

Hey, June... when did you get here?

So that is exactly how we both feel right now...

Time has completely flown by and it's time for some updates. First of all...drum roll please... we have moved into our first house in the Vinings area of Atlanta,GA! After a bit of work on the kitchen and dining room, we have made it our own and are so excited! Here are a few pictures and there will definitely be more to come!

Here is the kitchen before

Ta Da!

Dining room before

Dining room after!

One week after we moved in, we left for a week-long trip to Destin with with the Opreas, Holmans, Bursons and Carsons. It was a fun week filled with food, games, season finales on TV and chasing after 6 kids under the age of 5! It was loud, busy, relaxing and memorable all at the same time. We can't wait until the next one in 2012! Here are some highlights from the trip.

Oprea kids plus spouses

This picture is priceless...

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