Thursday, May 21, 2015

Two Months

We have now added the "s" onto "months" and now they will begin to fly by quicker than I'd like to see. Regardless, our sweet littlest man turned two months old yesterday (and his big brother turned 20 months!) I feel like this past month, we have really found our stride as a little family of four. I feel back to normal, Ryder is getting the hang of life outside the womb and Finn is realizing that this new little human doll is here to stay. We are also on more of a schedule now that makes life a lot more manageable with two under two (see previous post).

Our sweet, Ryder, you are changing by the day! Your neck support has gotten so much better, but you still don't like tummy time. You still love hearing our voices and will now turn your head to follow us around the room. You love to stare at the black and white pictures on the wall when sitting on the couch and the fan when laying on our bed.

A big (the biggest) accomplishment for this month is sleeping through the night! Your big brother spent a few days in Greenville with his cousins earlier this month and I was really able to work on your schedule with you. After three days of all of your naps being swaddled in your crib and following a regular feeding schedule, you started sleeping 8-10 hours at night. We do a combined bedtime routine with Finn and you started taking baths together (with mommy and daddy there to make sure your brother doesn't try to sit on you or pick you up). Then, we read books, Finn gets a cup of milk and daddy gives you your bottle. You're in bed by 8 and will sleep until 4am (occasionally 6am!) Mommy is most thankful for this as I am not a night owl.

You are also starting to get the hang of nursing and it has become so much easier for both of us. You're up to 11.11lbs and 23in! This puts you exactly in the 50th % for both weight and length. We are starting to see the little rolls on your arms and legs and you're in size 3 month clothes and size 1 diapers.

You've started smiling regularly and it's just the sweetest! You actually seem to like having your diaper changed and tolerate baths (i.e. no screaming). Your baby acne has cleared up and your hairline has started to recede. That description can only really be cute on a little guy like you. Here are some pics from the month:

 Stealing some snuggles while daddy plays with Finn.
"love" from your big brother. We're trying to work on him not pulling you off the couch.

Now that I'm "cleared" to work out, we've been going on walks with stops at the playground and this is how we travel these days. Pushing a combined 90lbs of stroller and babies should get mommy back into shape in no time.

 This is the look I usually get after you eat.
He really does love you.
 post nap family selfie
 I celebrated my first Mother's Day as a mommy of two and it was much less eventful than last year with big brother. We went out to breakfast and spent some quality time at the playground.

 And our collage starts...

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  1. Oooooh that double chin smile is the sweetest!!! And big brother Finn snuggling in close- love love love.