Monday, May 12, 2014

Seven and Thirty-one

Yes, I realize I am getting this post in with just a few hours to spare on the official birthiversary- but here it is. Today is the day that we celebrate Dustin's 31st birthday and our 7th anniversary. It is such a blessing that both of those numbers go up each year and that is something that we definitely do not take for granted. Luckily, we celebrated last week, because the past 48 hours have been anything but a celebration. I am honestly not sure how I pictured spending my first official mother's day, but yesterday wasn't quite it. Our little man has had quite the nasty respiratory infection since last Thursday. On Saturday, our pediatrician told us it was bronchiolitis and gave us a breathing treatment and an inhaler with instructions to "watch him to see if he gets worse". So of course, I am holding him and staring at him all day trying to analyze his breathing and wheezing. Around his bedtime last night, we came to the conclusion that his cough and wheezing did in fact seem worse and were a bit too nervous to put him to bed for the night. In the car we went to Children's at Scottish Rite for our first time as parents. We concluded we would rather go and them tell us it's really nothing than to stay home and really be in trouble later. After some serious suctioning, a breathing treatment and a clear x-ray we got home around mid-night and I slept on the floor of his nursery (happy mother's day to me!). Though it's not what I had planned, I am so thankful for the opportunity to be this sweet boy's mommy. Here are the pictures I have to show him later on how I spent my first mother's day.

Using his inhaler...

Checking his respiratory rate...

...and lots of saline and snot sucking in between.

Finally realizing that dr. mom just wasn't cutting it (seen with one tired momma)
Happy boy pre-suction, breathing treatment and x-rays.

This morning, he has been doing better, but still has his nasty cough. We'll probably end up back at our doctor's office tomorrow to see if an antibiotic is needed or if they still think it's viral. Here is proof that you can still look cute while being sick.

And of course... since this is also a post to celebrate another year of marriage, here is a picture of these babies from 7 years ago.

And this stud...
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