Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day

Here is a quick snapshot into what our fun-filled extra long weekend looked like. On Thursday, our niece, Reese came to visit so we could celebrate her 7th birthday. We did this two years ago with our oldest niece, Haley and Reese has been counting down to it since Haley got home. To say that she was excited was an understatement. It looked a little different (all for the better) than two years ago with the addition of Finn, but we still had so much fun.

Friday, we went to the zoo along with the rest of Atlanta.

Friday evening, we went to Legoland and I'm not sure Reese would've stood still long enough for a picture. She was squealing with excitement as she ran from one thing to the next. Finn on the other hand just sat back to take it all in. I have a feeling that we will be back here a lot in just a couple years.

We love our sweet Reese and are so blessed to be her aunt and uncle. These are memories that we will certainly hold onto when our beautiful nieces are older and don't really want to be around their cool aunt and uncle.

Saturday, Dustin took Reese home and Finn and I went to Target. Here is what we came home with.

On Sunday, Dustin's parents came to town and went to the Braves game. Finn actually enjoyed it until someone hit a home run. Sudden loud noises and cheering can really bring out the tears.

On Monday, we spent time with friends at the pool and grilling out. With two toddlers and an 8 month old, we ended up not taking any pictures. Shocking, I know. Here are a couple I snapped with my phone.

 This happy boy enjoyed his first Memorial Day weekend. He could probably sleep for days now.
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