Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer Beginnings

Hey, June. You've certainly been missed! The warm temps are more than welcome until July. Our days are busy with camp approaching for me and the husband just got back from a K-Life mission trip to Trinidad. Last year, I went on this trip too and you can find that post here. This year, my mom came in town to hang out and help out with the little guy. Here are some pics of the past week or so.

Before Dustin left town, we got some yogurt and let Finn have his first taste...

So far, we're not a fan of cold things. 

My mom and I took Finn to the pool and it was much less traumatic than the first time.

... and did some skinny dipping in our little pool.

We got some Jeni's.

Finn got his first taste of the food truck park.

And his first king of pops.

We made a sign for daddy.

And waited for his plane to land.

Until finally someone was happy to see his daddy!

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