Friday, May 9, 2014

15 Promises for Finn

This year, I will get to celebrate my Mother's Day that has been a long time coming. Last year, I bought myself a Mother's Day gift that was a necklace to honor our babies who are now with Jesus. This year, I plan on spending the weekend with my boys. In honor of my first Mother's Day, I wanted to write this post to Finn- who has now given me something to celebrate on this day by making me a mommy.  I feel like I've seen a lot of these lists recently on Facebook, pinterest, etc. They always get me thinking, so I wanted to compile my own list. I definitely cannot take credit for every single thing on this list- like I said I've read so many of these that a few are borrowed but all are true.

15 promises for Finn:

1. I promise to love you unconditionally. Yes, this means right now while you are a snuggly little baby who smiles and laughs and thinks I'm the best thing in the whole wide world. But is also means when you are moody teenager and want me out of your room- I will love you the same.

2. I promise to show you how much I love you- often. This means lots of kisses and snuggles now. But is also means lunchbox notes and Chick-fil-A dates when you're older and lots of hugs when you're even older.

3. I promise to dance with you. We already do this now while your feet are quite a distance from the floor. When you're a little bigger, I will turn on the music and let you go crazy. I promise to teach you to dance for your first high school dance and be there to dance with you at your wedding.

4. I promise to play make-believe.  I will help you beat the bad guys with your action figures, swim away from the pirates in the pool and allow you  to shoot me with your spidey web.

5. I promise to give you freedom to explore. Sweet boy, there are a lot of bad things in this world- but there are also a lot of good. I promise to let you run around, climb trees, stay up late sometimes and count the stars.

6. I promise to comfort you. Right now when you cry out at night, when you fall off your bike and scrape your knee, when you don't make the team and the first time a girl breaks your heart.

7. I promise to teach you what real beauty is. Most people only think about this in relation to girls. I will let you watch me put my make-up on and do my hair. I want you to see what I do to feel beautiful but also know that just being your mom makes me feel beautiful and that real beauty is on the inside.

8. I promise to teach you respect. It is important that you respect not only your mom- but all women.

9. I promise to teach you responsibility. You will take out the trash, unload the groceries and put away your clothes. I promise to teach you what it takes to run a house so that you will appreciate all your future wife does one day.

10. I promise to be your biggest fan. I will be on the sideline of every game and in the front row of every performance.

11. I promise to show you how much I love daddy. With cards, special dinners and kisses, I promise to set the bar high for your standard of a Christian wife.

12. I promise to let you learn the hard way. This one will definitely be the hardest for me. As much as I would love to make your life easy and free from pain, I promise to let you make mistakes and learn the consequences.

13. I promise to teach you how to iron a shirt, make a bed and cook a meal. For this alone, I know your future wife will thank me.

14. I promise to teach you to be a gentleman. Your daddy is the best example of this, but I promise to let you open the door for me without trying to help.

15. I promise that I will always be your mom.  I realize that I only get a short time with you under our roof as your mommy that plays with you and packs your lunches, but long after you're gone and even when you have your own family- I will still be your mom.

I am so thankful that God chose me to be your mommy.

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  1. Number 13... bless you! Hoping you feel incredibly loved, appreciated, and celebrated on Sunday! I'm sure nothing truly ever erases the pain of the Mother's Days of the past, but I hope this year begins to heal your heart!