Friday, September 14, 2012

Pumpkins and Cinnamon

I figured it was about time that I do a Fall decorating post given that my house has been decorated since Labor Day. Outside, it may still be 80 degrees, but my house is now a haven of pumpkins, burlap and orange... and it smells like cinnamon. I have discovered that having this blog has challenged my decorating skills, because I always feel the need to change it up so that it's not identical to last year's post. I like to call this decorating accountability. So here we go...

I made the burlap bunting using some burlap, stencils, black paint, and jute string- super easy! 

Free Fall printables found here. I may have gotten a little obsessed and printed two more for the kitchen...

I would post an outdoor shot with pumpkins and mums, except the stores are not carrying pumpkins and mums yet... so stay tuned for part two that is sure to include pumpkins and mums... and lots of pretty orange leaves.


  1. love the 'decorating accountability' :) looks great! umm and how cute is your little rotating instagram pictures on the side. I must find out how you did that.

    1. Thanks! If you click on the instagram slideshow, it takes you to a website called snap widget where you can add you own to your blog :)

  2. I love the mantel! I wish I had a fireplace to make all cute like that! Love it!

  3. haha, decorating accountability- love it! Everything looks GREAT! I love the Fall printables and burlap on the kitchen table! Super cute, Steph!

  4. LOVE the burlap... The banner is just fabulous :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love, Love, Love this!!! (Mine may or may not have been up since around Labor day, cough*cough*)
    Glad I found you on the blog hop and hoping you'll stop by for a visit sometime