Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Haley!

Our smart, sweet, beautiful, first-born niece turned seven on Saturday! Where has the time gone?! Here are some pics from our whirlwind weekend in Greenville to celebrate. Confession: I never made it in front of the camera this weekend.

This was Haley's reaction to our card telling her that one of her birthday gifts is a fun-filled weekend in Atlanta with her super cool aunt and uncle in T minus 3 weeks (that'd be us, folks). It feels good to be loved and looked up to this much. Stay tuned for that super fun post shortly after...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! It has been such a joy watching you grow into a beautiful young lady and we look forward to many years to come!

Ok, so this picture is actually not from the party, but it is too sweet to not share. Sawyer loves his uncle Dustin more and more everytime he sees him- LOVE.


  1. Hi! Just found your blog through the Mingle With Us Hop. What a cute brithday party! Love the balloons around the door frame. Hope you can hop over to my blog and like me back! Thanks! Katrina

    1. Thank you! My sister in law did a great job with the party! I look forward to following your blog as well.