Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blog Makeover and Greenville Trip

I have been wanting a makeover of some sort for some time now... not for myself... but the blog- which let's face it, is a reflection of me. So here it is... the new and improved blog (big thanks to Tricia Nae Designs!) It just has a cleaner and more professional feel to it... not to mention it is pretty stinkin' cute.

This past weekend, husband and I made our way to Greenville to visit with his sister's family and celebrate our nephew's first birthday. Here are some pictures of the weekend's festivities...

On Friday night, Steve took the big girls to their annual daddy-daughter dance. They spent the afternoon getting ready and then daddy picked them up from the house with flowers.

Even though Brooke was too young to go, she got her very own flower from daddy.

On Saturday, I went with Miranda and Haley to get Haley's dance pictures taken. I also took a few of my own because she is quite the beautiful ballerina.

And Sunday was party-time for Sawyer... and his sisters loved it too.

The sweet Carson family

Opa with Reese

The coolest aunt and uncle in town.

Mom-Mom and Grandaddy with the kiddos

Oma and Opa with the kiddos.

Haley and Reese ended the afternoon with a jam session.

Happy Birthday, Sawyer!

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  1. Yay for a fun weekend and AWESOME blog post and photos to capture it all---love the new camera;)

    For everyone else reading, Steph was a work horse all weekend, between all of the pulling and fighting for her attention amongst the 3 girls, punching out cupcake topper circles then taping toothpicks to them, stringing a banner, cutting fruit, layering indivudual dips and placing food and decor just so...she deserves a vacation:) Agreed--definitely BEST aunt and uncle around.

    Thanks Steph!