Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to skin a squirrel

This past weekend, Dustin and I had the opportunity to go to the lake again with his family. We also got a special treat when some of his extended family from Texas came to town. Thank you, Burson, Blair and kiddos for coming all the way here to hang out! We're glad you got to experience Atlanta traffic at its finest on a Friday afternoon. Here are some pictures from our fun-filled family weekend... with just a touch of redneck.

On Saturday morning, my brother in law, Steve, took all of the kids squirrel hunting. Yes, you read that right. They were very excited.

Here is Brooke showing me her camo leggings. 

They didn't catch anything at first, but later in the morning... the girls come running around the corner with this poor little guy. As this picture was being taken, Reese was rubbing his tail saying "it's so soft!" I was scrambling for some Purell. Steve then proceeded to give the kids an anatomy lesson when he skinned the squirrel. It was very educational in a Hannibal Lecter kind of way.

Cornhole was the game of choice for the weekend and Dustin and I won the tournament... not that I'm bragging or anything.

Dustin, Sawyer and I getting ready to watch our tigers play... and win!

Playing with Uncle Dustin!

Hallye cheesing it up before dinner.

Brooke loves being a big sister.

The girls and their cousin, Hallye

We picked muscadines and Reese was very proud of her bowl.

Dustin doing some thinking "How is it really possible that Clemson is 6-0?"

Sawyer might have been tired of the camera by this point. What do you think?

This might be my favorite picture from the weekend!

Happy Halloween, friends!

I am now realizing that I did not take a single group picture of the adults. Good thing we will see everyone again in a few short months at Christmas!

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