Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer so far

I realize that the calendar does not officially say "summer" for another couple of days, but when you're 25 weeks pregnant in Georgia in June- it is most definitely summer. Our days have been filled with going to our new pool, meeting new neighborhood friends, park play dates and getting our home ready to welcome baby brother. As Finn likes to say since he has no concept what a "month" is, "baby will be here when Clemson starts playing football"... and that will be here before we know it! I should probably devote another post at another time to this pregnancy, preparing for another little man...

Here is what we've been up to lately..

Our sweet big boy finished his first year of preschool at a school that we will miss dearly since we've moved. We moved back in February, but let him finish out the year at his school near our old house since he loved it so much. We, unfortunately, do not love the 40 minute drive from our new house, so we will start at a new school closer to home this Fall. 
 Water play in the driveway (until I discovered we are under "draught conditions").
 This might be my favorite picture ever.
He always asks me to take his picture in the cereal aisle so my phone is full of 2736 pictures just like this.

We had a sweet little surprise shower for my friend, Heather who just had a beautiful baby girl yesterday!

 This one still likes waking up by 5:30 everyday... I keep saying it's just a phase. 2 years long and still going strong...

 We've been eating a lot of doughnuts

 Our church is in the middle of a church-wide super hero series and all their little boy dreams are coming true.
 We celebrated our #1 guy for Father's Day yesterday at a cute Mexican spot in downtown Roswell.

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