Sunday, July 9, 2017

28 weeks

Well now is as good a time as any for a pregnancy update on here considering I'm now in my third trimester. With the year we've had so far, it should not be a surprise that this pregnancy has both flown by and felt like it's taken 87 weeks to get to this point. We moved back in February, and between setting up a new house and keeping up with a two and three year old, there hasn't been much sitting down to take the time and document this pregnancy- let alone remember how far along I am.

The boys have been super sweet and really seem to understand what's happening. We waited awhile to actually tell them, and as soon as we did, they knew they had to "be gentle with mommy" and not do things like dive on my stomach with trucks. They both want to look at my belly and pet it and yell "hi baby!" Finn says things like "when the baby is here, mommy will rock him really slow and say shh shh shh" "Baby will cry a lot and be asleep". I still have a feeling their little worlds will be rocked for the better, but at least they have more of an idea of what's going on than Finn did when Ryder was born since he was only 18 months.

I have definitely felt worse this time around, and I'm not sure if that's just this pregnancy or the fact that I have a two and three year old at my feet all day or that it's summer this time (Ryder was born in March) or a combination of all three. Regardless, I am still so thankful for this sweet, tiny one and we can't wait to meet him! I'd be lying if I said I'm not looking forward to our hospital stay with him. A couple days of staying in bed, watching tv, eating snacks and snuggling our little man- a stay at home mama's dream!

I have actually not taken any pictures of myself this time around until now, but here are some pics from along the way. This was this morning before church since that is really the only time all week I have on real clothes, make up and my hair down.

28 Weeks

And here are some of the sweet images we have so far of our newest little man...

8 weeks
 12 weeks
14 weeks
 20 weeks

We have also been busy around the house getting ready for his arrival. When we moved in, Finn's room was the same as it was in our old house- meaning he was still in his crib- and our 4th bedroom was the guest room. Over the past month, Finn finally has a big boy room and our guest room is now a nursery combo. Here is a peek at the progress...

There is still not much on the walls, because really there is not much on the walls of our whole house yet. I'll see how long I can play the "we just moved in" card. His duvet set is from PB Kids and his fire truck sheets are from TJ Maxx Homegoods.
 Curtains are also Homegoods.
 His dresser was given to us when my parents moved from their house. I chalk painted it red and spray painted the knobs. Finn wanted his walls painted red, but settled for the dresser. This cute mirror was a $10 yard sale find. There is still a lot more I'd like to add, but we also have a whole house to fill. If you also knew Finn, you'd know that it's good we're giving him a little bit at a time. Not sure what the end result would be with a chair, book shelf, etc. added to his room right away. There's a reason he's been in his crib until almost 4. He is just as happy as he can be with his new room, though, and he knows his crib will be the baby's new bed. We've thankfully had zero issues with switching to the big boy bed- probably because he was three and a half- but still, he loves to sleep in it and knows that we'll get him when his clock lights up green. We are still not night-trained yet for potty training, so he knows he's not allowed to get out of bed and so far it's been going really well.

Here is what will be our newest little man's nursery. It is basically the same nursery that we had for Ryder in our old house, but with an extra dresser and Finn's old changing table and crib since we have a little more space now. I plan to add letters on the wall above his crib with his name soon and we also have curtains that will hopefully get hung before he's born. If those things happen I may do a more thorough "nursery reveal" post, but for now this is what we've got.

And then just so our sweet, soon-to-be middle child isn't left out, here is what his room currently looks like since I've been moving a bunch of stuff around. We moved Finn's old rocking chair and ottoman into Ryder's room since the new nursery now has the glider.

So that's it for now around here, if you need me for the next 12 weeks I'll be wallowing in the baby pool at our neighborhood pool since that's about all I'm capable of doing outside these days.
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