Monday, February 29, 2016

Eleven Months

I am just happy to get this post up before we enter the month in which Ryder turns one (thank you, Leap Day!) I can't even believe this is the last post before our baby boy is a whole year old. Ryder James, we love your happy, spunky personality, your sweet, scrunched-nose giggle grins and loud belly laughs. You are finding your place in our little family and are proving to be our loud, wild boy. You have started dancing when you hear music and have learned how to climb the stairs (thanks to big brother). You still love to clap and wave and are really our happy little guy as long as you have food in your belly (you get that from me, sorry buddy.)

We haven't had a well check-up since 9 months, but I'm pretty sure you're around 19lbs. You're wearing size 9-12 mo clothing and we're still finishing up some size 3 diapers.

You're a great sleeper, but still an early riser (5:30AM). We've discovered that it makes no difference what time you go to bed, you're still up at 5:30. Because of this, you're in bed at 6:30 most nights.

You love: me, daddy and Finn,food, bath time, speed crawling around the house, being outside, playing with your toys.

You don't love: 5-6PM, being hungry, being cold, being in the car too long, being in the Ergo too long, anyone else to hold you, Finn taking your toys

Here are some highlights of your 11th month...

You got your first snow day

And just like any southern snowstorm, we had sunshine and 60's the very next weekend.
You are still obsessed with Finn and it makes my heart so happy to see you play together. He is so good with you and loves sharing life with his baby "yi-yi". He always asks for you to sit with him at the grocery store.
 Best friends for life.
 You have 4 and a half teeth... the 5th is almost all the way in
 With the cold temps, we've taken our playdates to anywhere indoors. Ikea for the win!
 Squinty-eyed, scrunched-nose grin
 We go to the library for Storytime.
 Bath time is your absolute favorite time of day and it might be mine too. You flap your arms constantly out of excitement and have become our little penguin.

You love to eat! Anything and everything, but are still our little meat lover!
  I have been very fortunate to have been able to nurse you exclusively this whole past year. While I am counting down the days for both of us to have a little more freedom, I will definitely miss the sweet, sleepy snuggles.

Nonna and Pop came to town and you boys got to make your very first Build-a-Bears!
My sweet little blonde hair, blue-eyed baby.

When naps don't always work out, we head to Target and look at all the things. In matching pj's.
Swinging in some sunshine- have I mentioned how you wear pj's everywhere?! It's way easier than trying to keep socks on your feet.
We went to a high school basketball game.
We've been back to the Children's Museum or multiple trips and great naps.
I love how much you love each other.

Our tough guy got his first black eye thanks to pulling up on any and everything.
We went on a family doughnut date. In pj's.

 And now for the second to last monthly photo shoot. Double ear infection, black eye and snotty nose and still happy as can be!

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