Monday, February 8, 2016

Ten Months

Ryder James, your tenth month was quite a big one! You got your top two teeth for Christmas (literally) to bring your total up to four. You are fully on the move and quite the quick crawler. Your especially love chasing Finn and will follow him anywhere. You love knocking down towers he's built. You love going into his room after his nap and playing in his bed. You eat everything that we do and have never been happier. You seem to be quite the little meat eater and only really tolerate fruits and vegetables. This is the exact opposite of your brother as he is my pasta-loving, fruit and cheese eating boy after his mama's heart. You are definitely your mommy's son as you let us know quite loudly when you are hungry. If we put you in your high chair and there is not food in front of you, you give us the biggest pouty lip to go with the tears. You pull up on anything and will walk with the walker. You love to clap and have also started waving at us, but it looks more like an involuntary arm spasm right now.

While we didn't have a well check-up this month, we've had a number of sick visits to the pediatrician, so we know you're just over 18lbs. You got your first ear infection to go with the RSV this past month. You're still in size three diapers and wearing size 6-9 month clothing. You're our tiny little peanut, but you don't let it slow you down. You also look more like your daddy everyday.

Your very first Christmas was not at all what we would have planned. You took your first plane ride and first trip to Texas; however, we spent a week at Texas Children's Hospital with your big brother while he recovered from RSV and an asthma attack. More info from that post can be found here

 We cheered on our Clemson Tigers in the National Championship game while daddy got to go to it.
And picked up daddy from the airport to give him lots of hugs when we lost the game. 


 You love riding like a big boy with your brother at the grocery store. And it's been so cold out that most days, I don't bother to get you boys out of pj's since neither of you will keep socks on your feet.

Our favorite cold weather activity has been getting in the car and driving some laps around the new Braves stadium being built 5 minutes from our house. Mama gets Starbucks and we get to look at the "canes, tactors and diggahs" (cranes, tractors and diggers). We only have a year left before it's built so I'm sure we'll be back.
 Did I mention how much you love eating like your brother?
 You love playing with anything Finn is playing with.
 And you usually have some sort of bump or bruise on your head thanks to trying to keep up with your fast-moving brother.
 We went to the Children's Museum and aside from catching a cold both times, it was really fun.

And now for the monthly photo session. I am by no means ready for you to turn one, but I am so over the amount of effort it takes to take these pictures. But the outcome is always pretty cute.

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