Friday, November 22, 2013

Two Months and Finalization

Today, yes TODAY friends is a big day for our little man and our family- Finn's adoption was finalized!! Kansas allows you to finalize adoptions in 60 days (as opposed to 6 months in GA), so today was his court date out there. We went before the judge while we were out there in September, so we didn't have to fly back out there now. All we needed to do was wait the 60 days and our attorney took care of the paperwork today. We're so excited our little man is officially an Oprea!
After  I told him he's stuck with us..
On Tuesday, he also turned two months! He is up to 10lbs 11oz and is still 21.5in. He's in the 25th percentile for weight and 2nd percentile for height. So our little guy really is our little guy : )

Here are some highlights from this past month...

He now does a great job holding his head up and lifting up during tummy time.
He is exploring more of his little world around him. He still loves going for walks and has gotten out of the house a little more with mommy and daddy. We've taken trips to the outlets, mall, Target and Trader Joe's. As long as he's fed, he's a happy boy no matter where he is. He also had his first of many trips to Chick fil A. 
We've been able to switch him from Alimentum to regular, milk-based Similac and he's been loving it (cha ching!) He is only waking up once at night to eat- which is great- the longest he's slept so far has been 7 hours!
He likes bath time a little more and seems to like his bedtime routine. 
We love our little man more everyday and can't believe it has already been two months!
Please excuse the mullet that is gradually forming. 
A haircut may be on the list of firsts for 3 months...
At this point daddy walked in...
He loves his daddy!

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