Thursday, August 15, 2013


If you follow me on Instagram, you've noticed a plethora of random house projects popping up recently. Reason being, I am finally getting to start on the nursery... but in order to do that, we had to complete several other check-list items. No, we don't have a baby yet- but the fact that it could happen any day is sending my nesting into overdrive. You can see for yourself..

Back in June, our master bedroom closet shelves collapsed and we've just now gotten around to fixing it thanks to my crazy busy summer. While I would've loved a California closet from the container store, this is probably the absolute last room in the house where I want to actually spend money. So the obvious solution?
 Yes, the husband braved Ikea with me on a Sunday and also got a much-deserved cinnamon roll. I mean a cart full of miscellaneous Swedish parts just screams easy right? Exactly. Well four days and two trips to Home Depot later, we got our closet. Somewhere in Sweden, I picture a room full of furniture designers laughing together over a bowl of meatballs at the fact that none of their products come with screws or any hardware whatsoever and that leaves Americans scratching their heads at the pamphlet full of numbered pictures they like to call instructions. Nonetheless, our closet is still standing almost two weeks later.

Next on the list was to convert our guest room closet into an office nook which we've affectionately named the Cloffice. This allowed us to move the desk out of our current third bedroom to make room for our baby and everything he or she will most certainly accumulate over the coming months. I'm pretty happy with the result. Are there way cuter options on Pinterest? Of course. Am I happy with the fact that I only spent about $25 on supplies? Absolutely.

Next in line was really something that I've been wanting for several years now and we figured we'd better do it now, because this would be the last thing we'd actually want to spend money on once baby joins the fam. New bedding for our bed. After doing lots of looking online, I've determined that I really just am a Pottery Barn girl at heart. Their style fits me perfectly and you really can't argue with the quality. So I drove down to my local PB (city girl perk) and headed straight to the sale area. Low and behold, I was able to snag this whole set (duvet cover, two standard shams and two euro shams for around $150). By PB standards that's a great deal. Actually it's still on sale on their website here.

Last but not least, our first nursery item came in the mail yesterday. A pouf ottoman from Walmart. Yes, you read that right. These bad boys that are all the rage on Pinterest these days can cost you a pretty penny from various retailers (I'm talking $500 or more), but Walmart has a decent selection ranging in price from $30-$100.  I'm sorry, but unless it's made by leprechauns and filled with gold, it's not worth spending that much for something to put your feet on while rocking a screaming baby. The one we got was $30 and it really is larger than I thought it'd be and seems to be pretty good quality. So here is your first peek into what will be baby O's room. We haven't painted the walls yet, but that is next on this list...

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  1. Everything looks great! I love your closet and the cloffice is so cute! :) And I can't wait to see the nursery come together!!