Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bippity Boppity Boo!

Weekly Bingo, cartoon characters and Fairy Godmothers are all part of my weekly routine, but I forget that when I'm talking to other people. When I tell people that I can't do something on Thursday evenings until 7:30 "because of bingo" or that I am exhausted from spending all day with Curious George or Dora the Explorer, I get some strange looks. Lately, we also seem to have quite the assortment of fairy godmothers. At Children's we have always had a relationship with a local radio station, Q100. Bert's Big Adventure provides a cool way for our kids and families to experience Disney World every year. Bert and his team are starting a program where their volunteers will visit BBA kids when they are in-patient called "Fairy Godmothers/Godfathers". Here is picture from the kickoff event with Bert and his wife Stacey:

We also have THE "Fairy Godmother" who is the real deal. We just celebrated her 89th birthday here. She's here every Tuesday and our kids have come to expect her visit. She makes rounds during the day and visits kids before surgery. She also leads Storytime with our Family Library in the afternoon. Miss Jackie recently won an 11Alive Community Service Award and we were all able to celebrate with her at the awards banquet.

Of course, they filmed her at the hospital and put together a very nice video about her. I know you all will enjoy it!

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