Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Merry Merry

Now that our halls have been decked for nearly a month now, it's time for the blog to catch up to life. As soon as we got back from Thanksgiving, we headed to get a Christmas tree. Finn is at such a fun age for everything Christmas. He loves the tree, the decorations, the twinkly lights everywhere, watching Christmas movies, wearing Christmas pj's, making cookies, listening to the "electric guitar" (i.e. Run Run Rudolph), playing with his Little People nativity set and reading Christmas books. Ryder pretty much loves Finn. And cookies. Here are some pics of what we've been up to lately.

 And just like that he looks 13.
 We decorated a gingerbread house. Ryder wanted to eat it all.
 Christmas fun is exhausting.
 We went to the Vinings Christmas tree lighting near our house and this year it was so much fun! The boys rode the "choo choo", danced to the music in the fake snow, tried hot chocolate and ate cookies.
 Seriously. This kid loves life.
 And just when we thought asthma was going to take away some Christmas fun by keeping us away from the Children's Christmas parade, we decided to make cookies. Finn got a cold that went straight to his chest, so it was back to the neb/predisone combo.
 So we blew up an air mattress in the living room to watch movies by the tree in our pj's and ate popcorn.
 Just when I thought Ryder wasn't my climber.
Eddie the elf made his second appearance on Dec 1.
 We went to the mall to see Santa and ride the pink pig. This year's visit went remarkably better than last year's with the exception of Ryder being terrified of Santa and Finn being terrified of the life sized pink pig. Both of these bode really well for our Disney trip coming up next month.

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