Tuesday, December 8, 2015


When I was planning our family calendar for December, I knew that I wanted to plan a fun morning out as a family to go and see Santa. This is, after all, Ryder's first Christmas and we had such a fun day last year that I had high hopes for this year. Thanks to Dustin's flexible work schedule, today was the day. We loaded up the family and made our way to the mall eagerly excited for a morning of Christmas cheer.

Then we got there. Santa was on a break, because the camera wasn't working and they weren't sure when they would be open again. This is what every mother that just got a two year old and 9 month old fed, changed, dressed and out the door wants to hear. So we went to ride the Macy's Pink Pig in hopes of starting a new family tradition. Did I mention that two year olds love to wait in line? Cue selfies to occupy the time.

Then we check back with Santa. Still M.I.A.

So we head to get some lunch in hopes that full bellies will help the 'tudes. 

 Not so much.

After a peaceful family meal shoving Chick-fil-A in our mouths as quickly as we can, we check back with the man in red one more time to find that he has returned to his throne. Just as we walk up to the line, we have one down for the count.

The camera was still down, but that wasn't a problem. I just got to use my camera and get some free pics. Win Win. So here it is friends, the Oprea Santa visit 2015. Don't smile too big now, boys.

All in all, my goal was to make some fun family memories and oh, did we. We are knee deep into our first Christmas as a family of four and I am really loving it. It's messy and loud and not going as planned but I wouldn't change it for the world. I mentioned in a previous post that we've been fully decorated since the first week of November. Here are a few pics from around the house.
We converted our dining room to a playroom back in September and I have to say it might be my new favorite room in the house.
Since we decorated our tree after the boys were in bed, we let Finn decorate his own little tree with unbreakable ornaments and lights he couldn't pull off. In my mind, the whole tree decorating thing will be a fun family event... just not this year when he's likely to throw or kick the "bawwws" (ornaments) and run a trail of pine needles around the house.
 No the table is not on fire. I just have a thing for twinkly lights.

And yes, all of these pictures were taken at 6:15AM. Courtesy of elf #2.
 And elf #1.
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  1. The house looks great!! And oh my goodness what an eventful Santa visit! You guys will remember this one, haha. So glad you made the most of it and got some free pics! ;)