Sunday, November 1, 2015


I will admit that I am not the biggest Halloween fan. I don't do haunted houses or demonic or gory. I do, however, LOVE holidays and Halloween is a great excuse to dress my kids up in ridiculously cute costumes and take an embarrassing amount of pictures. Plus, this year is rather unique in that Finn absolutely loved going door to door and getting treats in his bucket... but he has no clue what candy is. He's never really had candy, so he doesn't know that the little wrapped packages he's received are actually edible and quite delicious. He would just as well get rocks in his bucket and he'd be just as happy. Maybe even happier. I know that next year, this will all change but this year I'll call it a win as I brush the candy wrappers off my laptop.

We started Friday off by going to a pumpkin patch with some friends. Finn loved it! No surprises there. He found a wagon in the first five minutes and pulled it for the entire two hours. He filled it with pumpkins and his friends.

 Proof that Ryder was in fact with us. Bless that sweet, easy going, second child.

Because someone fell asleep in the car on the way home, he decided he'd rather play during nap time. I used the opportunity to take a few "real" pictures of my littlest man.

 I always said that I would never give up my dining room for a playroom. Pictures like this make me happy to eat my words.
For Halloween "eve" we carved our pumpkin.

On Halloween morning, we had a big family breakfast with friends... and of course dressed our kids up in costumes and took pictures.

I promise Finn wasn't as scared as he looked in this picture.

 I'm pretty sure he'd do this every night.
 Thanks to daylight savings time ending, both boys were up by 4:30 this morning and we were at the table eating pancakes by 5:45.

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