Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Seven Months

This year is quickly getting away from us! It is so hard to believe that this sweet baby boy is seven months. He is now closer to being one than he is to his birth, but I will choose to ignore that. Our sweet, Ryder, you are quite the mover and shaker. You are not crawling yet, but I know it will be soon. You roll across the floor or do a sort of inchworm maneuver to get what you want. You are already trying so hard to keep up with that big brother of yours. You are LOUD. When you're happy, your squeals and "talking" are both very loud! When you're not so happy, you are equally loud. I like to think you are just trying to make your little voice known in our loud and crazy house.

We haven't had a doctor's appointment recently, but I would guess that you are little over 17lbs. You're wearing size 6-9month clothing and size 3 diapers. You're a little sweet, petite guy, just like your brother. Your two teeth have come in a little more, but I don't see any others yet. You are going to be our little blonde-haired blue-eyed boy just like your daddy. Your eyes are actually the same color as Finn's also.

You are eating three meals a day and seem to like sweet potatoes and any type of fruit the best (no surprises there). You typically go to bed by 6:30 and are awake by 5:30. Your morning nap is sporadic, but you take a good afternoon nap with Finn. You adjust pretty well and will often still fall asleep in your car seat, stroller or the Ergo if we're out.

You love:
-Being outside- especially in this cool fall weather.
-Anything with Finn! Seriously, he makes you laugh all the time and anytime he talks, you just get the biggest smile on your face.
-Jumping in your jumper. You jump really hard and excitedly whenever we walk by and watch you.

You dislike:
-5:30-6:30PM.. I'm pretty sure you'd go to bed at 5:30 if we let you.
-Being left out- you always want to be in the same room as Finn and see what's happening.
-Being hungry. And this you get from me.

We love you to pieces, little man! We are so blessed to be your mommy and daddy!

This outfit actually belonged to your great-grandfather on daddy's side when he was a baby, so while it will never be worn outside for fear of it shredding instantly- we had to get a few pics in it.

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