Saturday, September 19, 2015


Our sweet Finn, I cannot believe you are TWO today! The past two years have been the absolute best of our lives. You have grown into such a fun, spunky, joyful, playful, LOUD little boy who is so full of life! You are the happiest little guy with the most infectious giggle and a smile that will brighten the whole room.

You LOVE: being outside, playing "gawf" (golf) and "hook-all" (football), kicking the soccer "baaawwll" with daddy, airplanes, animals, "too too's" (trains), snuggling with mommy, playing with your baby Ry Ry (Ryder), balloons, trucks, tractors, "mo mo-ing the gass" (mowing the grass) with daddy, "dacc-uum" (vacuuming with mommy), any and all cleaning equipment, doing yard "wuk" (work) with daddy, looking at "hooks" (books), watching "gaw-gar" (Daniel Tiger), climbing, waving and saying "HI!" to everyone you meet, pointing out everyone's "shews" (shoes), helping with laundry, taking "bubbah" baths, going to church and playing in Waumba Land, leaning your head towards us and saying "mwah" when you want a kiss on the head, asking us to "seet down!" when we're in the kitchen because you love when we're all sitting at the table together, watching mommy cook and daddy grill, playing with dogs (woof woof's), watching the chipmunks in the backyard, sleeping with your "ovie" (lovie) and "daci" (paci). We took our first little family vacation as a family of four this past summer and went down to Seaside, FL. You LOVED the beach but not so much the car ride down there.

Your favorite foods are: avocado, sweet potatoes, ALL fruit but especially grapes, strawberries, peaches, watermelon, pears and apples, waffles, eggs, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Trader Joe's fish nuggets, edamame, veggie sticks, animal crackers, pasta, baked beans and "chee-yo's" (Cheerio's)!

You have all of your teeth, except those pesky two year molars. You have two speeds- running and asleep! You will now hold our hands when we walk and reach for them often, but you still like to be picked "ahp" (up). You like to snuggle before bedtime and naps will want to "ock" (rock) in the rocking chair in your room while laying your head on our shoulder.

You're a tiny little guy at only 26lbs and 34in (20th% for both), but have the biggest personality we know!

I didn't carry you for nine months, but you are our first born. We don't share the same DNA, but you were hand-picked to be our baby boy. Our lives changed when you were born and we are forever thankful. You are our joy that came through the mourning. We are so blessed that you call us mommy and daddy. Happy 2nd Birthday, sweet boy! We love you to the moon and back!

You melt my heart over and over again when you talk to and play with Ryder.

 You love wearing daddy's "ats"

 We went to your first Friday night football game at Westminster.

 When daddy's not home for bedtime, we watch a lot of Daniel Tiger while I feed Ryder before bed as it is the only show you will sit still long enough to watch.


 In our house, we celebrate birthday weeks- not just days. For Day 1, we went out to breakfast after church.

Day 2 involved picking out a special birthday balloon and going on a family cupcake date.

 Smallcakes with our small cake.

 For Day 3, we took a trip to the zoo to enjoy the beautiful weather.

 And a walk to the playground.
 Day 4 was a play date at the park with our friends!

 For Day 5, we got a fresh haircut and stayed up past your bedtime to watch some of the Clemson game with mommy and daddy!

 This is what our life normally looks like.

Day 6, Nonna and Pop came to town and you got some extra playground time and pizza for dinner.

On Day 7, we have your airplane party! Stay tuned for pictures in a future post.

You have come a long way from our little 5lb 14oz NICU baby...

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