Friday, August 7, 2015


This past week, we took our first little family vacation as a family of four. Honestly, it was our first little family vacation period. We went to Destin last summer with Finn along with Dustin's side of the family, but we never made it anywhere just the three of us. We went down to Seaside, FL and stayed in the most beautiful condo belonging to one of the sweetest KLife families. We stayed for four nights, which was plenty long enough for our first little trip. Going to the beach with two babies under two is tiring for sure, but it was so worth it. It was loud. It was exhausting. It was hot and sticky. It was perfect.

The trip down there was as expected with two babies who dislike their carseats.

Thankfully, Mickey Mouse and Daniel Tiger made the trip a little more bearable. (Sidenote: you can mount an iPad with a few headbands for a lot cheaper than buying a fancy headrest attachment)

6.5 hours later, we made it just in time to walk to dinner in the rain.

This was the gorgeous view from the balcony of the condo. We were on the 3rd floor overlooking the square.

Both boys were up by 5:30 every morning since we were in central time. I like to think they were just helping us maximize our time there.

In true second child fashion, Ryder was a trooper. He got his naps in wherever and whenever he could. He only went in his bed for a nap after lunch when Finn did.

Afternoons were spent at the pool after naps.

Our new favorite spot is called The Hub. It is a small area with restaurants, live music and beanbags. Finn would live there.

We took our travel double stroller so the boys were able to ride next to each other for the first time and Finn would hold Ryder's foot. Melt. my. heart.

One night, both boys were in bed by 7:00, so we got some take-out and watched all of the action happening right below us. I am so thankful for our little getaway. It was more work than I would've ever imagined and the boys won't remember a thing. But we certainly will. We will remember Finn's smile and squeals as he ran on the beach. We will remember how well Ryder napped on the beach in the mornings. We will remember how Finn waved and said "hi" to everyone he saw. We will remember how he danced his little heart out at The Hub.

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