Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It's a...

BOY! That's right, friends, baby O number two is a boy. Our sweet baby boy will now have his very own baby brother. Everyone asked me if I had an opinion and after all we've been through in the past, I could honestly not care at all either way. If God chose to bless us with another baby through a healthy pregnancy I really had no preference at all if it was a girl or a boy- as long as it had a fluttering heartbeat we were happy. The idea of having two boys 18 months apart might be enough to send some moms into a tailspin, but we are thrilled that our little guy will now have a best buddy for life. I love being a boy mom and can't wait to add another one to our little family!

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  1. Oh Stephanie! How EXCITING!!!! Congratulations! Love the photos! Finn looks like he's going to be a GREAT big brother.