Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Happenings and Twenty Weeks

Last year, on Halloween we didn't go out and Finn didn't really dress up. He was six weeks old, fresh out of the NICU and I was scared he was going to get the flu or RSV or TB or anything really. This year, we spent the day with friends and topped it off with his first trick or treating experience. Halloween actually spanned a couple weeks for us this year if you count all of our festive weekend activities. Here are the pics.
Just practicing wearing our turtle hat on a cold morning.
Our first trunk or treat event with our small group. Finn wasn't so sure...

We spent a couple hours at the Pace Academy fall fair the weekend before Halloween.

 Halloween Day with his newest buddies Ryan and Reynolds. Mommy is holding him, because someone is still learning how to be "gentle" with his newest friends.
 Pumpkin painting

 Our trick or treaters. Ryan was currently strapped to momma and unavailable for the pic.

 Walking around a neighborhood that gets a little too excited for Halloween.

 Turtle down.
 Just a couple dads out trick or treating with their boys.

 And he was done with pictures.

And here's my 20 week update. It is so hard to believe that I am halfway through this pregnancy. I figured I should get this up here since I'll be 21 weeks tomorrow... We had the anatomy scan last week with the perinatal specialist and all looked good. We do know the gender of our sweet babe and I have plans of a future post for that! Everyone asks me how I'm feeling and I honestly feel great. Given that I spend my days chasing after a 13 month old, it's easy to put pregnancy on the back burner (my how times have changed). I started to feel this little one move about a week ago. Though it's not anything to stop me in my tracks (yet) it's still a fun reminder of the blessing growing inside me. We are just trying to soak up every last minute as a family of three!
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  1. So happy for you, Stephanie! You look beautiful!!!

  2. Finn looks like he enjoyed himself and he kept his costume on, so I'd consider that a win! And whoa for some intense neighbors in the Halloween decoration department. I can't imagine getting that excited/interested/invested in Halloween.

    So excited you're half way there!