Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Eleven Months

Well this is it. The last official monthly post before our little man is officially a whole year. I know I've said this in just about every monthly post and can almost guarantee that I'll continue to say it going forward. This little guy just gets more active fun every day. Sweet boy, we love watching you grow and are so thankful that we get to be your parents. You are definitely all boy. You currently have two small bruises on your face from where you learned the hard way that you're not quite ready to stand on your own by the coffee table. You are on the move with a mission- always. You keep mommy and daddy on our toes constantly with your speed-crawling around the house while stopping to pull up on any piece of furniture in your way and reaching for just about anything and everything you can get. You still LOVE clapping and waving and now we can add dancing to the mix. Anytime you hear music of any kind, you start bouncing up and down and if you really like it, both arms get included too. You are talking up a storm- no real words yet, but you will look straight at us and babble loud and clear so it must make complete sense to you. You now have 8.. yes eight.. teeth and most of them have seemed to appear at the same time. You love to eat and this has really been the month that you've just taken off with finger foods- fruit, veggies, avocados, sweet potatoes, turkey, chicken, pasta, toast with jelly... you name it. I am seeing many Costco runs in our future to keep our fridge full. Bath time is not as fun for you right now, because all you want to do is stand up and you don't seem to understand why mommy and daddy won't let you, because you seem to think your chunky little legs are plenty sturdy for the bath tub. You still love to sleep- for which we are still so grateful. You take two long naps a day and are ready for bed by 6:30. If we haven't started your bedtime yet, you will yawn and rub your eyes with your little fists until we do. We don't go back to the doctor until your one year appt., but I would guess that you are close to 23lbs and you seem to have gotten a little taller. We love you so much sweet boy and can't wait to celebrate your very first birthday next month! Here are some highlights from this past month...

You got to visit mommy at camp for a day after Nonna and Oma passed you back to us.

You love to swim and will splash until you're out of breath.

You are so in love with your daddy, but have started to show a preference for mommy. I will take all of these sweet snuggles while I can, because I know the day will come that you will follow daddy around every minute of the day.

Giving mommy and daddy a hint that you're ready for bed.

You'll stand all day long.

We went on our first mommy/son date to Chick-fil-A to share some ice cream and you loved it.

And now for the increasingly harder to capture monthly photos...

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  1. I spot a "so big!" picture! And I love the chunky legs shot!!

  2. Oh Steph he is so cute!!! And I'll tell you, the "all boy" just keeps going!! Get ready for anything to become a bat and a ball, haha! Can't wait to see how y'all celebrate the big 1-year!