Wednesday, August 13, 2014

...And that's a wrap!

Well friends, despite the HOT temps outside, summer is officially over for me. Camp wrapped up on August 1st and I have been trying to catch my breath ever since. I really do love my job and I love that I am able to provide a fun filled week of memories for our transplant patients, but it is EXHAUSTING. This year, probably more so than in the past, because my mind was split between mommy life and camp life and I wouldn't have it any other way. Now that camp is over for this year, everything (including this blog) will be back to getting my full attention. Here are some things I am most looking forward to:

FALL and everything that comes with it... cooler temps, college football Saturdays, colorful leaves, pumpkins just about everywhere and participating in fun family fall outings (alliteration anyone?) You better believe you will see pictures of our sweet boy in a pumpkin patch at some point.

Celebrating our sweet boy turning ONE! How is this even possible that we get to do this next month?!

Holidays (all of them!) Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas... seriously, I love them all and Finn will come to know that very quickly!

But as excited as I am with all that is ahead in the coming months, it is my prayer daily to take life one day at a time and enjoy each and every moment being a wife to my loving and servant-hearted husband and mommy to our sweet boy. He is growing bigger every day (Finn, not the husband that is) and I want to soak up all of this precious time with him. I will post more updates in his 11 month post next week and hope to be back to my regular blogging as we do some Fall sprucing up around the house and I try some fun new recipes. Stay tuned!

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