Thursday, October 17, 2013

Clemson Weekend

Last weekend, we had a fun reunion weekend with my college roommates and their husbands. This is the second year that we've done this so I can officially say this is an annual tradition : ) When we planned it back in March, this was intended to be a kid-free, wild and crazy weekend for two of the couples (and by wild and crazy, I mean trying to stay awake until midnight). This weekend turned into Finn's first trip to Clemson and we're pretty sure he loved it. This was really our first time out of the house as a family since we got back from Kansas. We are on germ-prevention overload since our little guy was a preemie with respiratory issues, so he may not have actually seen much of Clemson- but we have the pictures to show him he was there when he's older. We didn't go into the game with everyone else, but instead watched it on TV back at the lake house. So far, Finn is 4 and 0 since birth. Let's hope that changes to 5 and 0 after this weekend. #winforfinn

No trip to Clemson (or Columbia or Charleston..) is complete without lunch at Groucho's.

We took this same picture Labor Day weekend. A lot can change in 5 weeks.

Special father/son bonding time..

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  1. Love following your blog and reading about your cute little family! I was friends with Heather in high school and that's how I stumbled upon your blog :). Thanks for sharing your adoption story with us! Love seeing pictures of sweet Finn!