Monday, September 23, 2013

Vent Free!

Today was a great day for our little dude! He was taken off the vent this morning and put on cpap (similar to a cpap mask that adults with sleep apnea wear). It is basically a way for him to breathe higher pressure air that is easier on him, but he is doing all of the breathing on his own. Pray that his breathing would continue to be steady and strong on his own and we could be on our way to a step-down room soon. After we got to be at the hospital for that transition, we drove about 45 minutes to Butler County where we went before the judge. This is where he signed the official petition for adoption that will be used for finalization on November 22. Luckily, this will allow us to finalize in Georgia. This afternoon, I was able to sit and hold our sweet baby boy for 3 hours while he slept. He's hardly been held since he was born on Thursday, so he LOVED it and so did his mommy : ) Again, all of these pics are from my phone. I don't want to bring my big camera in the NICU so stay tuned for some better pics!

He is happiest when he's dressed and bundled up. Even if it's about 4 sizes too big!

I've been taking his temp and changing his diaper when we're there. Little man has managed to pee on me twice and I'm sure there will be many more times to come.

Well hello there bright eyes. I think he's still trying to figure us out...

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  1. That sweet little face just melts me. Praying for ya'll!

  2. Such an answer to prayer! Sweet buddy- cant wait to snuggle him!