Monday, September 30, 2013

"Home" Sweet Hotel

That's right, friends. I apologize for the delay in updates, but it's for good reason. We have had a little less time on our hands, because we were promoted to a family care unit in the hospital on Saturday and spent the night there. This is basically the same unit where we would've stayed with him right after he was born if he wasn't in the NICU. We were discharged yesterday and had our first night with him in the hotel last night. Today, we just received word that we are free to leave the state with our baby boy! We had already reserved our hotel through this Thursday which will be his two week birthday. Some airlines won't let you fly with a baby less than two weeks old and we figured a few extra days wouldn't hurt for us to get used to his schedule before we jump on a plane. If all continues as planned, we will be home on Thursday! Here are some pics from the last couple days...

This was how he felt about his carseat test- which he passed along with his hearing test. Both of these tests are required for him to leave the NICU.

We got in our family care room at the hospital around half time of the Clemson game- go Tigers!

Our first morning with the little man in the hospital.

Here is Finn wearing daddy's outfit he wore when he left the hospital 30 years ago. Daddy was also a preemie and our little guy fits perfectly in it- all 5.15 lbs of him!

Our first car ride "home"- aka the hotel.

Leaving the hospital!

Our view for most of the day

Finally, this might be my favorite pic. This is his face after I told him we were able to leave. I think he is realizing that he is stuck with us : )

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  1. Oh my goodness!!!! Love, love, love! And haha, awesome last face Finn! I can't wait to meet you!!

  2. The first one and the last one are my faves- so cute! So glad you guys get to come home Thursday!!